Survivorship, Supplement Strategy, Genomics: Michelle Niesley & Ryan Sternagel

Dr. Michelle Niesley, a naturopathic doctor with extensive experience in oncology, emphasizes the importance of integrative care for cancer survivors, especially children. In this insightful interview, she shares her expertise on how strategic supplementation during and after treatment can safeguard patients’ health.    Dr. Niesley discusses the significance of genomic testing in detecting long-term health […]

Peaceful Healing, Personalized Oncology, Metastasis Control: Dr. Jim Roach & Ryan Sternagel

In a profound interview, Dr. Roach delves into innovative cancer treatment strategies, championing a peaceful approach and comprehensive care. He advocates for the power of psychological support, the necessity of spiritual well-being, and the integration of personalized nutrition and lifestyle changes.  Dr. Roach also underscores the critical role of managing stress to combat cancer progression […]

Spagyric Medicine, Astral-Physical Connection & Herbs For Cancer – Phoenix Aurelius & Ryan Sternagel

Phoenix Aurelius dives deep into the world of alchemy and spagyria, exploring their implications for health and wellness. Hosting the “Alchemi-Culture” podcast, Phoenix enlightens audiences on ancient practices, the relevance of the astral body, and the rich history of alchemical science.  Essential to the conversation are Phoenix’s clinical trials, which have treated myriad conditions using […]

The ULTIMATE Coffee Enema for Detox & Gut Health

 Resources mentioned: Oxy Powder ozonated magnesium Purelife enema coffee Black Gold humic acid Aqua Energizer water structurer Tummy Love liquid fulvic acid Spagyri-Zyme liquid probiotic- code STERN for 25% off Premium Enema Kit Medium fine mesh sieve Leven Rose jojoba oil Kasandrinos olive oil PowerPlate massage gun (great / more affordable) P2 Probiotic Power […]

ACTUAL Cavitation Surgery – Removing Bacterial Infection of the Mouth

  Resources Mentioned: Summit View Biological Dentistry Book by Dr. Thomas E. Levy- Hidden Epidemic: Silent Oral Infections Cause Most Heart Attacks and Breast Cancers Cyto Detox –… BIND –… True Carbon Cleanse –… >Ionic Foot Detox Bath Machine (research into “the best” out there still needs to be conducted) Ozone Oils […]