Rocky’s 1 Year Eczema Update Aron Regimen 1 year later | Baby Eczema | Children with Eczema | Atopic Eczema | Dr. Sheila Kilbane



  • 0:00 Rocky’s healing eczema update after one year with Dr. Sheila Kilbaine and the Aron regimen
  • 0:39 Approaches the Sternagel’s tried prior to working with the Aron regimen
  • 1:27 The two-way street: healing the gut and skin microbiome simultaneously
  • 1:35 Progress Report. Where is Rocky today?
  • 2:05 Recap of previous lab work
  • 2:27 Eosinophils linked to inflammation and cancer
  • 3:02 The reason Rocky’s eosinophil levels were high
  • 3:43 Next steps in Rocky’s treatment
  • 4:31 Conventional Application
  • 7:21 The Stern Method application of supplements to facilitate healing
  • 9:38 Rocky, “The Champ”: encouragement for those with skin disease


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