Ferroptosis in Cancer, Balancing Antioxidants/Pro-Oxidants, Personalized Treatment Protocols: Jane McLelland & Ryan Sternagel

    In this enlightening interview with Jane McLelland, a former NHS specialist with a remarkable journey through cancer, insights into innovative cancer treatment strategies are revealed. McLelland shares her personal battle with terminal cancer and how she developed a unique treatment formula combining natural therapies, diet, and exercise. She delves into her current work […]

5 Cancer Secrets, Body Detox, Spiritual Development: Dr. Edward Group & Ryan Sternagel

Resources Mentioned Global Healing – Dr. Group’s Website Oxy-Powder Probiotics Olive oil Oregano oil and wormwood (for harmful organism cleansing) Chelation products (for chemical and heavy metal cleansing) Water purification systems Air purification systems Organic foods liver cleanse harmful organism cleanse chemical and heavy metal cleanse)   In an insightful interview with Dr. Ed Group, […]

Mistletoe Therapy, Immune Modulation, Pediatric Cancer: Dr. Dagmara Beine & Ryan Sternagel

Dr. Dagmara Beine merges her personal journey into integrative pediatric oncology with a profound mission to transform cancer treatment and survivorship. She discusses the limitations of Western medicine in addressing the entirety of a cancer patient’s needs, particularly in children, and previews her “Integrative Guide to Pediatric Cancer,” aiming to empower families facing pediatric cancer. […]

Gonzalez Protocol, Metabolic Typing, Enzyme Therapy: Dr. Alex Orton & Ryan Sternagel

In this insightful podcast, Dr. Orton introduces Haven Holistic Health Center, pioneering individualized health education in Chicago, and critiques the ‘green allopathy’ trend in alternative medicine.    He underscores the Gonzalez protocol, advocating for lifestyle changes over technological reliance for degenerative diseases and cancer care.    Key discussions include the metabolic typing essential for the […]

Biological Cancer Diagnostics, NLP Therapy, Lymphatic Health: Dr. Sharon Stills & Ryan Sternagel

In an enlightening interview with Dr. Sharon Stills, insights into advanced cancer diagnostics and holistic treatment approaches are revealed, emphasizing the critical balance between the body’s physical and emotional health.  Dr. Stills shares her journey from pediatrics to becoming a recognized cancer specialist, highlighting the use of innovative European biological medicine and the Kelly protocol […]

Radical Change, Forgiveness, & Plant-Based Healing: Chris Wark & Ryan Sternagel

Chris Wark, a renowned speaker and bestselling author, shares his transformative journey from a stage 3 colon cancer diagnosis at 26 to a beacon of hope for natural healing. Rejecting chemotherapy, he dives deep into plant-based nutrition and holistic therapies.   With powerful insights on the synergistic approach to cancer treatment combining conventional and naturopathic […]

Lymphflo & Somnium, Lymphatic & Glymphatic Support, Sleep Optimization: Dr. Christine Schaffner & Ryan Sternagel

Dr. Christine Schaffner delves into chronic illness management, emphasizing terrain theory and the body’s self-healing abilities.  She explores mitochondrial dysfunction in long-haul viral cases and champions quantum physics in recovery.  Lymphatic health, vital for detox and immune function, is dissected with innovative approaches like Somnium and Lymph Flow creams for pain management and brain health.  […]

Mistletoe Therapy, Vitamin C Photoactivation, LDN For Cancer: Dr. Tony Jimenez & Ryan Sternagel

Dr. Tony Jimenez, an integrative medicine pioneer, reveals cutting-edge cancer treatments and the importance of vital force in healing. In this insightful interview, he shares over three decades of expertise, emphasizing a holistic approach that includes pioneering mistletoe therapy and personalized vitamin C protocols. He underscores the power of combining traditional treatments with natural remedies […]

Cancer Ecology, Qi Vitality, Metabolic Balance

Dr. Jason Miller integrates Chinese medicine with modern cancer treatment, emphasizing a holistic approach to health and disease.    In this enlightening interview, he explores the concept of ‘cancering,’ a term that embodies the dynamic and individual nature of cancer treatment and prevention. Dr. Miller delves into the ecological and biological terrain of the body, […]

Haelan 951, Organic Soy Myths & Benefits

Haelan 951 emerges as a powerful soy-based supplement in the fight against cancer, with lifestyle factors at the forefront of prevention and recovery.  Dr. Devin Stone and Jim Ladwig share transformative stories and insights, advocating for the holistic product’s role alongside traditional treatments. In this insightful interview, they delve into the intricacies of Haelan 951’s […]