The ULTIMATE Coffee Enema for Detox & Gut Health

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Purpose & History of Coffee Enema for Detox & Gut Health

If you’re only drinking coffee and not pouring some where the sun don’t shine, you’re leaving a whole lot of detox on the table, and I wanted to show you how we supercharge them for even greater healing.

With the world as toxic as it’s become we’ve got to do everything we can to keep what comes into us flowing right back out, and coffee enemas are an amazing component of an overall lifestyle of detoxification.

Now you can find a lot of attacks these days on coffee enemas these days like you can on most holistic interventions that don’t involve pharmaceuticals and actually help people heal…

but people have been doing water enemas since at least ancient Egypt, and we can find references to coffee enemas in medical literature going back to the mid 1800s when they were used to treat poisoning, and the founder the Mayo clinic recommended them for post operative care.

They were even in the Merck medical manual up until its 12th edition in 1972 when pharma started really wiping out anything that didn’t have to do with drugs.

For us though, aside from the fact that they’ve been proven to help the liver dump more bile which is how it gets toxicants out of your body and also potentially produce more glutatione, and you just can’t do one without feeling a whole lot better afterwards than you did before…

What really stands out to us is that they were a huge piece of the protocols created by Dr. Max Gerson and Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, two of the most documented successful holistic C physicians of all time whose work we followed more than anyone else after our son was diagnosed with stage four cancer.

And aside from that, just look at the comments on any video critical of coffee enemas and see all the people that know beyond a shadow of a doubt how much these have helped them.

Preparing The Ultimate Coffee Enema for Detox & Gut Health

First thing to note about doing a coffee enema is your bowels need to be empty when you do it to get the full benefit. Oxy Powder the night before will do the trick for this or if you still haven’t gone when you’re ready to do the coffee enema, a quick water enema right before will flush everything out.

To make the enema coffee, you need specially roasted coffee with high palmitic acid as that’s what helps the liver dump bile and potentially produce glutathione. We like the coffee from Pure Life Enema as it’s double certified organic, mycotoxin free, approved by the Gerson institute and comes in three strengths to build up with.

A standard enema is one quart, so that will be four cups of filtered and preferably structured water into a pot along with three tablespoons of the ground coffee and one teaspoon of humic acid powder to remineralize and detoxify the colon itself. We love this Black Gold from Doc of Detox. It’s super clean which is a really big issue with humic and fulvic acid and the best value out there.

You boil that for five minutes and then simmer for another 15 and then you’ll take it off the heat to let it cool. You want the water to be just slightly warm when you actually do the enema because if it’s all the way cold it’s a bit fo a shock but definitely not hot for safety reasons.

I like to make mine in the morning and just keep it on the stove warmer until it’s time to use it. You can also just warm it back up a little when it’s time or if you’re making it right before you want to do the enema you can stick it in the fridge or use a few ice cubes to cool it down faster.

Once the liquid is cool, we add a dropper of of liquid fulvic acid for extra mineralization and colon detoxification, this is also important for mopping up the toxicants as your liver dumps them so none get reabsorbed, we like this Tummy Love product also by Doc of Detox. 

And we also add a liquid probiotic because we might as well be repopulating good gut flora while we’re at it and we’ll typically do one to two tablespoons of Spagyri-Zyme from our friends at The Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy, it’s super broad spectrum and has a lot of enzymatic activity as well.

So once we’ve got this solution prepared and just slightly warm to the touch we’re read to do the enema itself.

We like this enema setup from premium enema kit, mainly because the valve they have on here is easy to operate and control the flow rate if you want the liquid coming in at less than full blast.

You’ll want a nice big fine mesh strainer like this to filter the grounds and pour the coffee through it into the enema bucket, just make sure the valve is closed first so the coffee doesn’t come spraying out of the tube when you do.

Administering The Ultimate Coffee Enema for Detox & Gut Health

From there you will head to the bathroom floor and put some old towels or rags on the floor. I’ve seen some people mention a bed in their instructions and that is just about the highest stakes, riskiest thing I could imagine doing.

The bucket needs to be at least a foot and a half off the ground up to about four feet, the higher the faster the flow rate, but again either way you can control it better with a valve like this.

Definitely want some sort of lubrication on the tip, jojoba oil, olive oil, anything like that works just fine.

The standard advice out there is to lie on your right side the whole time. You could do that, or also we’ve found it’s a bit easier to start on your left side, let about a third in at a rate that’s comfortable to you and let that settle for a minute, roll onto your back and do same thing, and then go to your right side for the last third and hold there for the rest of the time.

We hold the enema in for a total of 12 to no more than 15 minutes. Longer than 15 minutes is not better as at that point you risk starting to reabsorb some of the toxicants your liver dumps.

And it’s actually kind of neat, a lot of times you can actually hear and feel your liver as it dumps the bile into your colon.

How To Hold In Enema Coffee

Along the way you might find it challenging to hold it all in for the 12 to 15 minutes, few things to say about that. One make sure you’re getting the medium roast for beginners, and you can even back down to one or two tablespoons of the coffee and work your way up.

Again, make sure the liquid isn’t too hot or too cold and also try slowing the flow rate you let the liquid in on down on the next one.

Try different types of breathing through any cramping, either deep slow breaths or short fast breaths.

You can also try this harder retention tip nozzle, and/or pressing the tip of your thumb down on the first knuckle of your ring finger as this is a pressure point known to alleviate intestinal cramping.

Aside from that though even if a bit does escape from you, that’s why you’re on towels on the bathroom floor, it’s not the end of the world, you’re still getting the benefit of most of it still being in there and you’ll get better over time as your body gets used to it.

Finishing The The Ultimate Coffee Enema for Detox & Gut Health

For extra credit over the last few minutes apply a handheld massage gun to the liver to further stimulate it to dump all its bile, waddle over to the toilet and feel yourself instantly lighten your toxic load.

And again, there is no question that you will feel like a million bucks after doing one of these and immediately be planning out the next time you’ll be able to do one.

You’ll definitely want to clean your kit off after you’re done. Our favorite cleaner for just about everything is this P squared probiotic power as it’s got enzymes to break down biofilms and reintroduces good bacteria into the environment.

How Often To Do The Ultimate Coffee Enema for Detox & Gut Health

Only thing left to talk about is how often to do them. That really depends on your situation and goals etc.

When people are doing the full blown Gerson therapy for reversing chronic conditions and drinking the dozen juices a day among other things, they’re doing four coffee enemas a day. So I’d say that’s probably your max if you have the time and dedication to do that.

You’d just want to be sure in that case you’re getting plenty of hydration, minerals and nutrition because you’re going to be dumping a whole lot in that case.

Some people with a bit less severe of a situation will do one a day, others will do one a week as more of a lifestyle of detoxification maintenance measure, and even once a month is still amazing compared to not doing them at all.