On this page you will find the health professionals we know and trust.

For anyone going through conventional treatment of any kind, working with a naturapathic oncologist is a must in our opinion.

A good cancer specific nutritionist will be able to guide you through what to eat, and cancer coaches save a LOT of time and frustration in navigating through the cancer journey as a whole.

Also be sure to check out our Websites page in the resources section for more informational websites and information on charities to help afford the extra expense.



Naturopathic Oncologists (who do remote consultations)

Dr. Dan Rubin / Naturopathic Specialists

Dr. Heather Paulson

Dr. Neil McKinney / Vital Victoria Naturopathic Clinic (Canada residents only)

Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (find a local naturopathic oncologist)


Oncology Nutritionists

Jeanne Wallace / Nutritional Solutions


Cancer Coaches & Navigators

Theo & Kim Hansen

Lorika Archibald

Bailey O’Brien

Mark Auger


Integrative MDs

Dr. Jonathan Stegall / Center for Advanced Medicine

Dr. Keith Block / Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment

Dr. Dawn Lemanne / Oregon Integrative Oncology


Pathogenic Infection Specialists

Evan Brand


Non-Toxic / Alternative Cancer Centers

Dr. Tony Jimenez / Hope 4 Cancer


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