Cavitation Surgery Consult | Holistic Dentist Dr. Scott Chandler, DMD Summit View Biological Dentist


In This Episode:

Ryan Sternagel consults with Dr. Scott Chandler, DMD of Summit View Biological Dentistry and Wellness to determine if he has cavitations (caused by surgical wisdom teeth removal) as he has suspected for years. Cavitations (infections in pockets of jaw bone) are linked to poor gastrointestinal health and other diseases. Dr. Chandler, discusses what cavitations are and how they affect the body and if Ryan does indeed have them.


Resources Mentioned:

  • Book- Hidden Epidemic: Silent Oral Infections Cause Most Heart Attacks and Breast Cancers, by Dr. Thomas E. Levy, MD JD
  • Meridian Tooth Chart
  • University of Kentucky Root Canal Studies
  • Dr. who removes metal plates and screws



01:15 Ryan takes Cytodetox before the cone-beam x-ray (zeolite). Bentonite clay is also useful for detoxing from radiation

01:54 Dr. Chandler introduces the 3D x-ray (cone-beam) and Ryan gets pictures, pictures, pictures taken of his mouth.

02:50 Dr. Chandler discusses the connection of the mouth to the rest of the body. The body is an electrical/energetic system. Teeth are connected to different body parts through a “power-grid” type system (meridians). Metal and infections in the mouth can cause a “short circuit.” Metal can also act as an antenna for cell phone radiation. Titanium particles can migrate into distant joints.

06:00 University of Kentucky studies show root canals are always chronically infected with bacteria even if they don’t appear to be infected on an x-ray. The Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland reports 98% of breast cancer patients have an infected tooth corresponding to the breast meridians.

06:30 Caviations are chronic infections (rotten spots) in the jaw bone that don’t hurt, usually located in sites where wisdom teeth have been removed. (Think about the inside of a rotten log- soft, smushy.)

07:15 What can be done to prevent cavitations in the first place? Clean them out better, remove cysts. All four wisdom teeth are on the heart meridians.

08:00 Dr. Levy in his book, Hidden Epidemic says silent oral infections are the cause of most heart attacks and breast cancers. CCL-5 is an inflammatory protein found in caviations. 60,000 studies link this protein to every cancer and autoimmune disorder (also MS, Parkinson’s, etc.).

09:45 Dr. Chandler explains how he cleans out caviations using lasers, ozone, and platelet rich fibrin.

10:30 In addition to heart meridians, wisdom teeth meridians also block inner ear and digestion meridians.

11:10 Review of Ryan’s x-rays. It is almost impossible to discover cavitations with 2D x-rays.

13:10 Sleep apnea can also be involved in contributing to disease and may be detectable (narrow airway) on an x-ray. Dental appliances can be used to treat sleep apnea and can be as effective or better than a c-pap machine.

14:00 There is a correlation between cavitations and sinus/fungal infection.

14:35 Dr. Chandler checks bone density readings on the 3D x-rays (special software required) and explains when it might be necessary to do surgery. Dr. Chandler works with people all over the country and can scan 3D x-rays taken previously with special software to check for cavitations. (Story of patient with leukemia who had cavitations cleaned out and all signs of leukemia disappeared a month later.)

19:10 There is an ultrasound machine from Germany coming soon which can be used to monitor cavitations without using x-ray radiation.

19:45 A common missed site for caviations is when people have had premolars extracted for braces. In that case, when teeth are close together, a laser is used for treatment of cavitations to avoid doing damage to the roots of other nearby teeth.

23:40 Calcium deposits in the tonsils can be treated with a laser.

24:45 A greasy oil-like biofilm comes out of the cavitations. Dr. Chandler cleans until oil stops flowing to the surface. Then, he does energy/muscle testing to make sure the energy is flowing through the meridians before he closes up the surgery site.

25:45 Digital 2D x-rays are still used to identify cavities in the teeth (3D does not work for this).

26:10 Inflammation in the gums can eat away at bone underneath.

27:00 Nutrition is the single biggest factor in gum disease.

27:30 The presence of cavitations possibly contributes to gum disease. Yellow patches on the gums can indicate bacteria from cavitations present in the gums.

30:45 Lasers can now be used to do deep cleanings for gum disease (less invasive, less painful, better healing).

32:00 There is a hormone released by the salivary glands that signals the teeth to wash themselves. Sugar and processed flour shuts off the hormone signaling and reverses the fluid flow in the teeth. Then, the teeth attract acid which contributes to tooth enamel break-down.

33:50 Note from Ryan…I decided to move forward with the surgery, because we’ve had enough sickness in our family! I went in for the procedure several months after my consultation and my wife Teddy filmed the whole thing!!