Best treatment for Eczema | Eczema Relief for Bad Eczema Toddler | Aron Regimen | Dr. Sheila Kilbane


  • 0:00 Rocky update after three months with Dr. Sheila Kilbaine and Aron Regimen
  • 1:05 pictures of Rocky before starting with Dr. Kilbane
  • 1:25 discussing functional lab work Dr. Kilbane ordered within first month of working together
  • 3:57 Dr. Kilbane goes over Rocky’s labs
  • 14:10 3 months post labs / giving Rocky some of the supplements he gets in a day based on his lab report
  • 15:03 where we are with topical Aron Regimen
  • 15:38 Rocky taking his supplements
  • 16:21 what Rocky looks like today