Wilms Tumor Reversed

How Jessica Reversed Her Son’s Stage IV Wilm’s Tumor after Conventional Treatments Failed

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The Stern Method Podcast Episode 23: Jessica Stone


***NEW SEGMENT!!!*** Every Thursday tune in for a new The Stern Method THRIVER STORIES where we feature a family that has rocked an integrative approach to cancer. This could mean they were either saved by alternative treatments after conventional ones failed or used a complementary approach to improve outcomes and reduce side effects. Tune in for the live interview every Monday at 6 PM MT or catch the recording on the The Stern Method podcast or on the The Stern Method YouTube channel the following Thursday.

We had literally just been discussing starting this segment when we got the following message from warrior mom Jessica Stone and knew SHE needed to be the first interview for this segment!

“I started following your story and The Stern Method last December when my 6 year old son with stage IV Wilms was told his only option after nearly 18 months of chemo and radiation was a stem cell transplant. I also read Cancer-Free and China Study and implemented a vegan diet, supplements, and infrared therapy. We never got that stem cell transplant and he is 10 months cancer free! He had his port removed in late July and hasn’t even had a cold since we started in January. So your kid literally saved my kid’s life! I would love to share my story for all the cancer moms out there who feel helpless. Thank you for getting out there and spreading the word!!!!”

Build a smarter immune response!

Jagger before
Jagger Christmas 2016
Jagger now
Jagger now

This was an incredible interview we hope you enjoy and get as much inspiration from as we did!!

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  1. Kelly Stafford

    Are there any updates on Jagger. I am interested to know if he is still in remission. My friend’s son is facing this very same diagnoses and are faced with 42 weeks of grueling chemotherapy (5 different typed) and radiation. She wants to incorporate the juicing and supplementing and diet into his conventional treatments. I tried to search the internet to see how he is doing but cannot find anything. We would really appreciate an update on him to see how he is doing with the holistic treatments. Thank you in advance


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