Ultra Healing Castor Oil Pack (Without the Mess) | The NON-TOXIC Way

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  • 0:57​ Why we love Castor Oil Packs (benefits)
  • 1:25​ How we do Castor Oil Packs, where we keep the castor oil packs between uses so we can reuse
  • 1:40​ Which Castor Oil Pack we use and why (Least messy, most non-toxic)
  • 2:00​ We you want non-toxic castor oil (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • 2:20​ Setting up the castor oil pack
  • 2:51​ How I add essential oils to castor oil packs
  • 3:35​ Strapping the castor oil pack to Ryder (how it stays so clean and non-toxic)
  • 4:30​ How to safely heat up the castor oil pack (the NON-TOXIC way)