Truth About Cancer Episode Three

The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest, Recap Episode 2

Cancer Facts and Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer & Essential Oils

Epigenetics – Cancer Facts and Fictions

The beginning touched on an issue near and dear to us, epigenetics!  in whether or not we or our children will get cancer, but nothing is set in stone. The way we live our lives and manage our stress, what we allow ourselves to consume or be exposed to, what we do or don’t do to rid ourselves of toxins, all of these external and internal environmental factors are constantly “flipping switches” to our genes on and off. The better decisions we make for ourselves and our children, the more good genes will be turned on and bad genes turned off.

We fully accept the fact that leading up to and during the time Teddy was carrying Ryder, had we not left her in a way too overly stressful (not to mention high EMF) work environment longer than she should have been, ate out at conventional restaurants with relative frequency, lived in a townhouse complex high in EMFs, lived in an area directly in the jet-stream of the fallout from fukushima, etc. etc. etc., things could potentially be a lot different for us right now. Although that’s a hard reality to contemplate sometimes, there is also a freedom that comes from accepting it and knowing we also have the direct power to turn all of that around in Ryder and ourselves.

Breast Cancer

This concept tied in directly to the breast cancer conversation, because as we all know, it’s “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.” Ty and Dr. Véronique Desaulniers, among others, covered the fact that just because a woman has the dreaded BRCA gene we’ve all heard about recently due to certain celebrities taking extreme measures because of it, that by no means is any sort of indication she will get breast cancer. In fact, the BRCA genes actually help PREVENT cancer, and only become a problem if they mutate. So again, women need to be spending less time contemplating cutting off their breasts and more time thinking about how to be truly healthy!

They also pointed out that mammograms are far more likely to CAUSE cancer than to prevent it. Using the same logic conventional treatments do in pretending to heal cancer, the idea that radiating a women’s breast is somehow a preventative measure for cancer is a little wacky when you step back and think about it. And if there IS already a tumor in the breast, smashing it and potentially spilling out all those cancer cells that the body has gone to great lengths to wall off is the last thing you’d want to do! Thermography is much more effective in detecting early cancer and is completely non-invasive or radiating.

Skin Cancer

Dr. Jonathan Wright, who we actually had some interaction with early on in Ryder’s cancer while we were evaluating different treatments, did something incredible and reviewed a cure for skin cancer we hadn’t even come across yet! If you or a loved one is facing skin cancer, do yourselves a favor and look into BEC-5 derived from eggplant, it looks incredible!

Essential Oils

Finally, Dr. Josh Axe and others reviewed the effectiveness of essential oils, specifically frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood in fighting cancer. We’ve used them topically and in a diffuser at nights for Ryder since the beginning, but seeing these explanations and incredible testimonials really got us fired up about them again. We use Be Young brand made here in Utah. It’s not quite as well known yet as the big ones you always hear about, but we feel once people start hearing more about the incredible attention to quality and purity that goes into the making of these oils, not to mention the incredible formulations they’ve put together, that will change very quickly. Feel free to let us know if you’d like to hear more about it.

As I mentioned in the Episode 1 recap, Ty’s book, Cancer: Step Outside the Box was an incredible help to us early on getting us pointed in the right direction. If you’re reading this in the future and missed the episode, sign up at The Truth About Cancer to be notified of replays or purchase the DVDs. And if you did see it, or have anything to add to this article, let us know below!


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