The Toxic Home Transformation

The Toxic Home Transformation

Four years ago today, our lives changed forever when our baby boy was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma. Eleven days before his first birthday.

The cancer consisted of a tumor larger than Ryder’s kidney inside of his spinal canal that was threatening to paralyze or kill him at any moment along with two secondary tumors, all of which had metastasized into his bones.

While no one has all the answers to cancer, the one thing we knew for absolute certain is that we were going to do EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER to control the outcome and save our son.

The basic instinct we had from day one is still the basic approach we follow and advise today. Do everything we could get our hands on to REVERSE THE CANCER, of course, but simultaneously do everything possible to REMOVE THE SOURCE to allow that healing to take place.

Since there’s no way of knowing exactly WHAT it was that caused it, the only logical option was to remove EVERYTHING that COULD HAVE caused it. And that’s exactly what we did.

Moreover, it’s NEVER JUST ONE THING that causes cancer, but rather A PERFECT STORM of toxicities. Both physical and energetic.

We hear a lot that “everything these days causes cancer, it’s impossible to hide from.”

Yes, the amount of carcinogens introduced into our environment on a daily basis is outrageous and needs to stop.

But until that happens, what environment does your family spend at least half of your lives in?

YOUR HOME. And with a bit of thought and effort, it turns out that is an environment you have NEAR PERFECT CONTROL over.

While we can’t always control everything we’re exposed to on the outside our homes, we can control EXACTLY what we’re exposed to INSIDE.

Four years later and our lives are changed forever, but not all for the worse.

Because of what we went through and what we learned, we now get messages every day from parents who’s kids have realized that if Ryder can eat healthy and take his supplements and sit through a hot sauna or a cold shower with a great attitude, then SO CAN THEY.

And those same parents thank us for helping them to realize just HOW MUCH CONTROL over their family’s health they really do have.

Four years later, one of the biggest names in health and wellness, Robyn Openshaw of Green Smoothie Girl, believes SO MUCH in our message she’s partnered with us to make sure that everyone who needs to see it, sees it.


Everything you can do to RID your family’s home of harmful chemicals, harmful organisms, and harmful energies… and REPLACE them with their healthful, life-giving opposites.

Seven days straight of our favorite health experts sharing everything you can do make your family’s home the HEALING SANCTUARY from the outside world IT SHOULD BE. All in one place. Starting June 25th, 2018.

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