Sprouts: The ULTIMATE Time and Money Saving Health Boosters

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We LOVE sprouts!! I can’t think of a better nutritional bang for your buck, or your time for that matter, than growing your own sprouts. Let me count just some of the reasons we make sure we always have at least one jar, if not many more, on hand!

Sprouts are Living Food!!

The most important aspect of sprouts is that they are a LIVING FOOD. Even with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, if you’re getting all of your food from the grocery store a good deal of that essential “life force” that can be quantifiably viewed through methods such as kirlian photography is lost by the time it reaches your plate. We do try to grow as much of our own food as we can but it still takes a good deal of time and effort, and even with the simplest of gardening methods we still run into problems like raccoons deciding they’d like the food for themselves outside or the plants getting torched through the window on a particularly hot and clear day inside. Sprouts can be an easy, surefire part of your routine to ensure you get as much of that essence of life into yourself and your family as possible.

Sprouts are SUPER Nutrient Dense!!

We’re also all about nutrient density which is why we’re so big on products like marine phytoplankton and moringa olifeira, and sprouts are right up there with them at a fraction of the price! Sprouts contain exponentially more vitamins, minerals, and crucial enzymes than un-sprouted seeds or full grown plants. Speaking of seeds, it’s also important to note that to avoid unwanted health consequences it’s crucial that all seeds, nuts, and legumes be at least soaked if not sprouted. You can read about why that is here.

Sprouts Have Lots of Chlorophyll

One particular nutrient that is likely the most important reason to eat a lot of leafy greens in the first place that sprouts contain even much higher levels of is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll literally allows plants to harness the power of the sun and turn it into energy and a nutrient we can absorb, which explains why its benefits are so vast all the way from detoxifying the blood to helping our bodies regenerate at the cellular and even molecular level!!

Broccoli Sprouts Fight Cancer!!

In this particular video we’re making our absolute nutritional favorites, broccoli sprouts!! Here are six ways Dr. Jockers points out that broccoli sprouts can fight cancer!! 1) Sprouts Activate Antioxidant Pathways, 2) Sprouts Have Cancer Fighting Enzymes, 3) Sprouts Improve Glutathione Levels, 4) Sprouts Are a Source of Quercetin, 5) Sprouts Have Antimicrobial Properties, 6) Sprouts Improve the Gut Microflora.

Many of the benefits he’s referring to here are related to the super nutrient SULFORAPHANE, which I can’t wait to do a deep dive into in an article all on its own. Until then here are three cancer fighting highlights from a review study on sulforaphane:

1) Sulforaphane and Cancer Stem Cells
“Recent identification of a sub-population of tumor cells with stem cell-like self-renewal capacity that may be responsible for relapse, metastasis, and resistance, as a potential target of the dietary compound, may be an important aspect of sulforaphane chemoprevention.”

2) Sulforaphane and Epigenetics
“Evidence also suggests that sulforaphane may target the epigenetic alterations observed in specific cancers, reversing aberrant changes in gene transcription through mechanisms of histone deacetylase inhibition, global demethylation, and microRNA modulation.”

3) Sulforaphane and Cellular Mechanisms
“Sulforaphane possesses the capacity to intervene in multistage carcinogenesis through the modulation and/or regulation of important cellular mechanisms. The inhibition of phase I enzymes that are responsible for the activation of pro-carcinogens, and the induction of phase II enzymes that are critical in mutagen elimination are well-characterized chemopreventive properties. Furthermore, sulforaphane mediates a number of anticancer pathways, including the activation of apoptosis, induction of cell cycle arrest, and inhibition of NFκB.”

Powerful enough for you?? This is why we along with a good supply of broccoli sprouts we also employ Calibr8 which gives a sulforaphane super boost from its high level of broccoli sprout extract along with a ton of other very well-known and researched ingredients!

Sprouts Give Variety

Last is very important, even if you are eating a good deal of fruits and vegetables, when you stop and think about it you don’t get a ton of variety from the grocery store or even what you’re able to grow on your own. Our ancestors consumed hundreds of times greater of a variety of plants than we do today. This is one of the reasons I REALLY want to take up foraging, but also a key reason sprouts are so great as getting an entirely new set of nutrients is as easy as buying a new seed or legume and throwing them in a mason jar with a sprouting lid like we do in this video!!!