Healthy Home Build Progress: Shielded Wires and Kill Switches (the affordable option)


The Wiring in Your Walls

Did you know the electricity radiating from the wiring in your walls could be harmful to your family’s health?

Awareness of electromagnetic fields and the danger they pose to human (especially children!!) health is becoming more prevalent at a time when their existence in society is higher than it has ever been.

Since this increase doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, we need to do everything we can to make our home a sanctuary from electric and magnetic fields. This way no matter what we’re exposed to in the rest of the world, the place we spend the most time is a place energetic health and healing.

Most Important Ways to Electric Field Exposure at Home

For starters this means no WiFi routers. It’s a one evening project to hardwire your internet connection using long ethernet cables and cable tacks.

No, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing solution. But people that come to our house almost always don’t even notice until we point it out to them. And if it’s a choice between aesthetics and your kids’ health… well…

Aside from WiFi however, the wiring within the walls of residential homes also emit electric and magnetic fields of their own that can be disruptive to the body’s natural energy field needed for optimal health… and especially healing capability!

In the house we are currently renting, our kids sleep a few feet away from the walls to be further away from the emissions. This also addresses the fact that we don’t know what type of paint was used for the walls… but somehow we doubt it was a special no / low VOC product.

The next step up is having an electrician install a “kill switch” outside the bedrooms. This allows you to shut off power to the room entirely so no electric current whatsoever is going to the room, allowing your kids to truly “recharge” while they sleep.

For daytime and the rest of the home, electric filters can be used to reduce “dirty electricity.” These don’t eliminate emissions entirely, but they do even out a lot of the “spikes” in energy flow.

Metal Clad Wiring for New Homes (Shielded Wires)

The BEST solution for the whole home is metal clad, shielded wiring. Metal clad wiring is required for commercial buildings as animals can’t chew through it and it’s “shielded” against interference from neighboring electric signals.

The same shielding that protects the wire, however, also protects people!! Metal clad wiring also confines the electric fields to the metal casing that the wiring is housed in. So we HAD to have it in our new healthy home.

It is a significantly more expensive product and takes more labor hours to install however, and given the fact we are over budget with no money to spare it was looking like we weren’t going to be able to make it a reality… until Encore Wire stepped in!!

A few nights before the wiring was scheduled to be installed, Ryan wrote a flurry of emails to various manufacturers of metal clad wiring letting them know about our situation and asking for a discount.

Only one responded… Encore Wire… and they did a whole lot more than give us a discount… they DONATED WIRING FOR THE WHOLE HOUSE!

It’s companies like these that keep our faith in humanity high. We’ve gotten so much incredible help along the way from so many different people and organizations since day one of diagnosis to keep us going, but this was certainly one of the highlights.

We will be forever grateful to Encore for making one of the most crucial elements in making our new home the healthiest it can be for our kids a reality.

See the wire in action in our latest video!!

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