Radical Change, Forgiveness, & Plant-Based Healing: Chris Wark & Ryan Sternagel

Chris Wark, a renowned speaker and bestselling author, shares his transformative journey from a stage 3 colon cancer diagnosis at 26 to a beacon of hope for natural healing. Rejecting chemotherapy, he dives deep into plant-based nutrition and holistic therapies.

With powerful insights on the synergistic approach to cancer treatment combining conventional and naturopathic medicine, Chris illuminates the critical role of diet, lifestyle, and emotional well-being in overcoming disease. 


His candid discussion about the challenges of non-traditional paths, the significance of building a healing team, and the life-changing power of forgiveness provides a compelling narrative. Moreover, he offers practical resources like “20 Questions for Your Oncologist” and his book “Chris Beat Cancer,” equipping others with the knowledge to navigate their healing journeys. 


Delving into the science of anti-cancer diets and the impact of animal protein on cancer growth, Chris’s story is a testament to thriving against odds and transforming adversity into advocacy. Discover the full narrative on chrisbeatcancer.com, and let Chris’s courage and wisdom inspire you to consider how lifestyle choices can become your most potent medicine.


Resources Mentioned

  • Chris’ website
  • Book: “God’s Way to Ultimate Health”
  • Raw, organic fruits and vegetables
  • Juicing equipment
  • “20 Questions for Your Oncologist” guide
  • “Chris Beat Cancer” book
  • Plant-based diet resources
  • The Bible, specifically the book of John for spiritual guidance


Chris Beat Cancer


Health Transformation and Advocacy:

  • Chris Wark, a bestselling author and speaker, was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer at 26.
  • He rejected chemotherapy, opting instead for plant-based nutrition and non-toxic therapies.
  • Since 2010, Chris has been sharing his story to inspire others to take control of their health and reverse disease through diet and lifestyle changes.
  • He reaches millions annually via social media and his website, chrisbeatcancer.com.

Personal Battle with Cancer:

  • Despite being a young, active entrepreneur and musician, Chris’s life took an unexpected turn with a cancer diagnosis.
  • His initial treatment was surgery to remove the tumor, which had spread to his lymph nodes, escalating his condition to stage 3C and necessitating chemotherapy.
  • Chris questioned the urgency and nature of conventional cancer treatments, which often leave patients uninformed about the destructive side effects and low success rates.

Cancer Treatment and Nutrition:

  • Chris’s experience in the hospital led him to question the standard nutritional advice given to cancer patients.
  • He was perplexed by the poor quality of food in the hospital and the lack of dietary guidance from his doctors.

Path to Alternative Healing:

  • His skepticism about chemotherapy and the conventional treatment route led him to seek alternative methods.
  • A book about healing colon cancer with nutrition, which he received shortly after surgery, inspired him to change his diet drastically to raw, organic fruits and vegetables.

Health and Diet Philosophy:

  • Chris advocates for a radical change in diet and lifestyle to create an environment where cancer cannot thrive.
  • He emphasizes the importance of understanding the role of diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors in cancer development, noting that most cancers are caused by these elements rather than genetics or bad luck.
  • His approach is to empower patients to take control of their health with informed dietary choices, exercise, stress reduction, and non-toxic therapies.

Encounter with Conventional Cancer Treatment:

  • Chris Wark details his initial conventional treatment experience, expressing skepticism about the urgency and efficacy of traditional cancer therapies.

Shift to a Healing Diet:

  • After receiving a book on the power of nutrition, Chris switched to a completely raw, organic diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and juicing.

Challenges of Alternative Paths:

  • He recounts the emotional difficulties of choosing a non-conventional path, including lack of understanding and support from those around him.

Support and Resistance:

  • Chris received support from his mother, who was informed about natural health, but faced pressure from other family members to follow traditional treatments.

Revelation and Decision Making:

  • A chance encounter with a TV show featuring Jack LaLanne reinforced Chris’s belief in the healing power of nutrition.
  • His meeting with an oncologist further convinced him to reject conventional treatments after encountering what he perceived as fear-mongering and financial motives in the cancer industry.

The Journey Through Alternative Healing:

  • Chris emphasizes the importance of a supportive care team, including a naturopathic doctor and an integrative oncologist.
  • He advocates for the right of cancer patients to choose supportive doctors who value diet and lifestyle changes alongside conventional treatments.

Embracing a Multifaceted Healing Approach:

  • Chris Wark and Ryan emphasize the importance of combining conventional cancer treatments with additional health measures.
  • The discussion highlights the trend of medical professionals recognizing the benefits of integrating traditional and naturopathic medicine for cancer care.

Building a Supportive Healing Team:

  • Building a team of supportive healthcare professionals is critical, which may include medical doctors (MDs), naturopathic doctors (NDs), and integrative oncologists.
  • Wark encourages treating the healing journey as an adventure and underscores the importance of asking the right questions to oncologists.

Educational Resources for Patients:

  • Chris has created a guide titled “20 Questions for Your Oncologist” available on his website, which aims to help patients ask critical questions about their treatment and care.
  • His book, “Chris Beat Cancer,” is mentioned as a resource that offers insight into the pharmaceutical and medical industry, as well as anti-cancer nutritional science.

Personal Lifestyle Overhaul:

  • Wark talks about the necessity of re-evaluating one’s lifestyle choices, from diet to emotional well-being, as a means to combat cancer.
  • He adopted non-toxic body care products and emphasized the importance of exercise, which can activate cancer-preventative genes.

Avoidance of Animal Protein:

  • The conversation shifts to the negative impact of animal protein on cancer growth, with specific mentions of IGF-1, heme iron, methionine, saturated fat, and cholesterol as contributing factors.
  • Wark dispels the myth that sugar uniquely feeds cancer, explaining how cancer cells can also thrive on fat and protein.

Advantages of a Plant-Based Diet:

  • A plant-based diet is presented as the most powerful anti-cancer diet, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other anti-cancer compounds.
  • Wark details specific nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, such as sulforaphane, Indole 3 carbinol, ellagic acid, allicin, and EGCG, which have various anti-cancer properties.

Supplementation and Alternative Therapies:

  • Chris took a variety of supplements and herbal formulations, adopting a “do no harm” strategy by trying therapies that wouldn’t adversely affect his health.
  • He underwent IV vitamin C therapy and monitored his health through blood work and scans, celebrating a significant milestone of no cancer recurrence after five years.

Addressing Negative Emotions:

  • Chris emphasizes the importance of confronting and releasing toxic emotions like envy, jealousy, and resentment, which can exacerbate illness.
  • He shares his personal experiences of learning to cultivate gratitude and joy in place of bitterness, which is crucial for emotional and spiritual well-being.

The Power of Forgiveness:

  • The act of forgiveness is highlighted as a vital step in healing, not just emotionally but physically, as unforgiveness can be a root cause of disease.
  • Chris discusses his process of forgiving each person who had hurt him, which helped free him from a “prison of pain” and allowed him to heal more completely.

Spiritual Connection and Healing:

  • Wark talks about the role of faith in his cancer journey, encouraging others to reach out to a higher power and explore spiritual texts like the Bible for guidance and comfort.
  • He advises reading the book of John to understand the teachings of Jesus, suggesting that Jesus’ example of love and compassion is an ideal model for life.