The Science behind the Gerson Diet: Dr. Patrick Vickers

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Dr. Patrick Vickers of The Northern Baja Gerson Center on The Gerson Diet

Dr. Patrick Vickers of The Northern Baja Gerson Center tells us about the power of The Gerson Therapy and the science behind what exactly is happening and how the massive amount of cellular energy needed to reverse cancer is being produced with juicing.

Dr. Patrick Vickers In this Episode:

  • Super cellular energy from vegetable and carrot sugars in juicing
  • The history of Max Gerson and The Gerson Therapy
  • The fundamental rule of the Gerson anticancer diet
  • What to watch out for in ketogenic diets
  • The exact supplements patients take while at The Northern Baja Gerson Center
  • The science behind and power of coffee enemas
  • Other advanced therapies above Dr. Gerson’s original protocol employed by Dr. Vickers

Dr. Patrick Vickers is the Director and Founder of the Northern Baja Gerson Clinic. His mission is to provide patients with the highest quality and standard of care available in the world today for the treatment of advanced (and non-advanced) degenerative disease. His dedication and commitment to the development of advanced protocols has led to the realization of exponentially greater results in healing disease. Dr. Vickers, along with his highly trained staff, provides patients with the education, support, and resources to achieve optimal health.

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