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-Any second hand furniture we get, we make sure it’s AT LEAST 7-10 years old, to ensure most off-gassing has already taken place.

-Medley is the ONLY furniture company we know of that goes to the lengths they do to ensure their furniture is non-toxic.

-We use red light bulbs and candles when the sun goes down so that we are not taking in any blue light spectrum, which throws off circadian rhythm, which is extremely detrimental to the body functioning as it should. We make sure the LED bulbs we get have actual red diodes (as opposed to blue / white diodes inside a red coated bulb) so that only the red spectrum is emitted.

-During the daytime, we use good ol’ incandescent bulbs as this is the most like natural light source (full spectrum with a heat source) you can get in a bulb.

-Air Doctor is hands down the best value (especially with the discount using our link) we’ve found in a high-end air purifier. Stats stack up to purifiers twice as expensive.

-Silverite dog beds and bed pillows are filled with kapok which is naturally microbial resistant, along with having silver embedded in all cases to kill pathogens on contact.

-The Qi line of EMF reduction products are the only ones we’ve found that actually lower EMF levels on our EMF meter (as opposed to “harmonizers” etc. where you basically just have to trust them that it’s helping).

-Greenguard certified products and building materials have passed third party testing proving little to no off-gassing.


Nasa Houseplant List (Highest Rated First):

Florist’s Crysanthemum

Peace Lily

Red-Edged Dracaena

Varigated Snake Plant

English Ivy

Cornstalk Dracaena

Barberton Daisy

Broadleaf Palm


Flamingo Lily

Devil’s Ivy

Weeping Fig

Bamboo Palm

Chinese Evergreen

Spider Plant

Kimberly Queen Fern

Boston Fern

Dwarf Date Palm