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Fake Alternative Cancer Treatments? GcMAF, Fake Rife Machines, Hulda Clarke, Baking Soda, Protocel, Marshall Protocol | Dr Keith Scott Mumby

In an interesting twist, we tackle six questionable alternative anti-cancer protocols. Dr Keith unpacks the science (or lack thereof) behind them to reveal why he believes they’re not only ineffective but in some cases, down right dangerous. 

Professor Keith Scott-Mumby MB CHB, PHD is a trained medical doctor and surgeon who has spent nearly 50 years bridging the gap between alternative and scientific medicine.

***Resources Mentioned***

Cancer Research Secrets by Dr Keith Scott-Mumby

Psychology of Cancer by Dr Keith Scott-Mumby

Punk Psychology by Dr Keith Scott-Mumby

Jeffrey Smith – The Institute of Responsible Technology

Séralini Study – long-term toxicity of RoundUp (glyphosate)

Dr Mark Hyman

Joe Mercola on the The Marshall Protocol

The Doctor that Cures Cancer by William Kelley Eidem 

GB4000 Frequency Machine


In This Episode:

In this podcast I get Dr Keith’s take on cancer and the best way to address it before we explore some of the more questionable anti-cancer protocols that I’ve come across in the quest to help my son Ryder on his healing journey. 

We take a look under the hood of Protocel, GcMAF, Hulda Regehr Clark’s Zappers, the Marshall Protocol, Sodium Bicarbonate Protocol and fake Rife machines. You don’t want to miss this one.  

Why did you get into medicine, and why the focus on cancer?

  • Award-winning, trained MD from the UK 
  • Became uneasy with the prevalence of chemicals and the infiltration of Big Pharma
  • Starting studying diet, nutrition, homeopathy and alternative psychology
  • Early in his career he began exploring food allergies 
  • Opened a clinic that explored elimination diets
  • He noticed that the cancer patients who followed his restrictive diets stopped the progress of their cancers
  • This is when Dr Keith began looking at cancer treatments

What is the right way to address cancer?

  • “Every good health measure is an anti-cancer measure”
  • Cancer is a wake up call
  • Three fundamentals: 
    • Nutrition – offload all of your ‘bad’ foods for you
    • Emotional detox – often a trama or shock before cancer diagnosis. References the work of Dr Hayma.
    • Reduce chemical load – reduce chemical exposure
  • “You don’t need zero of everything to see a result” but you must make changes to address the root cause of the cancer

Starting points for physical & emotional detox?

  • Punk psychology is a technique
  • MIN – Make It Now
  • Your memory is ‘plastic’ – change the impact of a memory and your relationship to it by reliving it in the right way
  • Remove toxins from your life
    • The nose survey – go around your house and sniff – if you can smell it it can make you sick
  • Eat organic. Evidence shows organic food has a powerful impact on health
  • Séralini and a group of French Scientists fed rats glyphosate and GMO food and they developed huge tumors

How do you assess the validity of alternative cancer treatments?

  • Testimonials are not science – you can get well while taking something but not necessarily because of taking something
  • Anything that seems dangerous, ineffective or obscenely expensive should be a red flag
  • Kerala Institute in Sweden showed 20% of breast cancers will go into remission without any treatment
  • Dr Hyman – cancer has a purpose. It’s there for a reason. The body is trying to fix something

Protocol 1 debunked: Cancell / Cantron / Protocel

  • Combination of highly toxic substances including sulphuric acid and nitric acid 
  • False science around its effectiveness
  • These chemicals are highly toxic – yes they will kill cancer cells in a petri dish – they will kill anything!
  • People have died from taking it. Don’t do anything that is clearly going to hurt you

Protocol 2 debunked:  GcMAF

  • Beware of science from anyone trying to sell you something
  • The study was dishonest. The people who developed it have a warrant out for their arrest 
  • Nothing showing its effectiveness, especially when compared to Dr Keith’s three fundamentals

Protocol 3 debunked: Hulda Regehr Clark’s Zapper 

  • Exploited patients by charging $30K for things they could do themselves 
  • Her book claims she cured 100 consecutive cases of cancer but in all of these cases Hulda was the person who diagnosed the cancer and pronounced the patient cured
  • Developed a parasite zapper to cure cancer  
  • Dr Keith believes Hulda was influenced by her own condition – she had a particular rare parasite and so she saw that in everyone she treated
  • Irreversible electroporation is Royal Rife technology that’s gone mainstream

Protocol 4 debunked: The Marshall Protocol 

  • Documented science showing Vitamin D has incredibly powerful anti-cancer properties
  • The Marshall Protocol advocates avoiding Vitamin D in any form which is dangerous for anyone with cancer
  • Vitamin D, C and glutathione are essential for cancer support
  • Joe Mercola wrote an article expressing his views against the The Marshall Protocol

Protocol 5 debunked: Sodium Bicarbonate Protocol

  • Fungus can thrive when immune system and so does cancer – doesn’t mean Candida causes cancer 
  • Loading the body with bicarbonate is dangerous
  • The body needs PH of around 7.3. The body will maintain this so it puts undue strain on kidneys
  • Alkalising the body doesn’t cure cancer 
  • Emanuel Revici studied the metabolic aspects of cancer. Discovered two kinds of people – those who benefit from alkalization and those who benefit from acidization. If you don’t know what group you’re in your going to harm yourself. 
  • William Kelley Eidem sums up Revici’s work in his book The Doctor that Cures Cancer
  • Nature knows what she’s doing. Stand back and get out of the way. 

Protocol 6 debunked: Fake Rife Machines

  • Most ‘Rife’ machines are missing critical carrier wave frequencies. They have only audio frequencies and that’s not enough
  • You can add carrier wave technology to something like the Beema 3000
  • The GB4000 is what we use. This device has carrier frequencies and is a model Dr Keith would recommend

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  1. John Chalmers

    Ryan – you are an interesting guy. I would love to talk to you.
    I agree with your general approach to dealing with cancer which I have been doing since Aug 2012 but there are some things I disagree with either through knowledge of these protocols or actual experience. In my journey I did no conventional treatment for years as my only option was ridiculously morbid so I was forced into the unconventional treatment world where I implemented some of the protocols you mention like Protocel, and GcMAF as well as Liposomal Vitamin C, Cesium Chloride, Baking soda supplementation with urine PH monitoring, Kelly’s enzymes/ Proteolytic Enzymes, Flax seed oil and cottage cheese, 4 herb tea, smoothies, the Gerson Therapy (1.0 years), Ketogenic Diet (1.5 years), RSHO, etc.

  2. Karla

    This was one of the best interviews I’ve ever heard! So valuable to have the bogus/dangerous treatments explained. Thanks as well for the detail on Rife as I’ve been looking into that as a treatment.

  3. Steve Raccetti

    Why do you think GcMAF doesn’t work? I read the background on this and also viewed the video. Doesn’t look “fake” to me! If you send me an Email address, I will try (if you want) to send you both items.

  4. David

    Thanks Ryan and Dr Keith, very interesting discussion! Just wondering if you can recommend Resonant Light Technology’s Perl M+ as a high quality “Rife” machine? I’ve been doing a bit of research and it seems like a good device, just wondering if I’m missing anything?

  5. christina

    wish you would do video on these continuous cancer treatments vs fixing issues to cure cancer! i know someone whoes mom is taking this low does CHEMO FOR EVER… as a cancer treatment even though most is not found now on Pet scan. INSANITY… here they almost have it gone and their solution is to keep giving them chemo forever as a treatment vs fixing the body to healthy state in nutrition and supplements and such. They told them to eat whatever… what a great residual income these chemo docs have created…

  6. christy

    GLAD YOU TALKED ON ALL THESE OUTRAGEOUS COST! I ABOUT went homeless just trying to pay for cellular detoxes, proper juicer, and the new raw food cost. Everyone wants extreme high profits from pharma’s to these supplement and detox type companies. They REFUSE to realize that less can still be more and be doing the right thing; putting cancer patients in even more hardship. god will deal with them at some point for their greed’s

    • Elaine

      It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just high profits to Big Pharma…..it’s even worse that they are HARMING your body to keep you sick. Why are there so many ads on tv about drugs to make your skin pretty….but oh by the way it might give you leukemia or TB or whatever else, cause heart failure, kill your kidneys etc. Big Pharma should be paying for ALL your medical expenses because they are poisoning us daily with their dangerous drugs. The whole industry is corrupt and totally without compassion to patients who are living horrible lives dealing with all the side effects. Cigarette smoking can kill you so they banned the commercials, why doesn’t the government ban all these drug commercials! I hope you are right and that God will deal with them at some point for their greed. However that does not help cancer and other patients in the right NOW who are suffering from all the inhumane traditional treatments. We need to recover the damage done to our bodies and eat clean so our immune system can do it’s job.

  7. Louise Stoten

    Interesting to hear the comments about GCMaf. Hope $ cancer in Tijuana have an immunotherapy based on GCMaf so i think you should speak to Dr Antonio Jimenez about by he believes that this works and is supporting a protocol based on it and research from Japan. It would be nice to have a balanced debate rather than this guys view.

  8. Charlotte

    What you say in this interview about GcMAF is very different from what you say about it in your book ‘Cancer Research Secrets’.

  9. Andrea

    Keith didn’t refute the science of GcMAF. He played the person, not the ball. I wonder why? Why is he not living in the UK and practising as a Dr? Why is he living in CA and what does he do there now? Who is he working with? How does he offer his services? Where is the science behind his approach? This is playing the person, not the ball – in response. I was keen to listen to this as I am interested in GcMAF, but was disappointed in what I heard. When someone is trying to discredit something, they will generally play the person, and not the ball. There is usually some underlying motive for doing that, that is not stated. That is how I found this part of his talk. Disappointed.

  10. Kal

    Thank you Ryan and Dr Keith for a great interview. It is very good of both of you to invest your time and energy to help others. Keep up the good work Ryan, it is very very much appreciated that you are helping so many people through the anti cancer revolution. I hope people will wake up from the indoctrination by big pharmaceutical companies and the Government.
    May God bless you both x

  11. Louise

    I agree in principle with the connection between both recent (3 yrs. before) shock trauma and early childhood trauma being related to cancer. Something to look at would be what is commonly called ‘The ACE’ (adverse childhood experience) study which ‘proves’ the connection with ‘disease’ in general (including cancer). I agree with Dr. Keith’s general premise, however, I would really question and caution people with the method of ‘resolving’ any ‘trauma’ that he briefly mentioned that he ‘recommends’. If people have not built up the capacity of their actual physical nervous system (which takes a trained professional, proper NS education and proper sequencing and a LOT of time working correctly on the NS properly) then what he mentioned would likely re-traumatize most people (even if and when they think it has ‘helped’). Trauma is in the NS not the event or memory. For more helpful information on this topic please read the books/watch youtube videos from the experts such as Peter Lavine, Kathy Kain, Gabor Mate (book: When the Body Says No). Irene Lyon has many Youtube videos where she gives excellent teaching about what ‘trauma’ really is (and is not), how it happens/works, and what is needed to heal. She has online programs that could be very helpful. She has one particular video about how disease is ‘created’ explaining the connection to NS disregulation. I have had cancer. I have tried ‘everything’ to heal and Somatic Experincing (support/councilling/healing) is the only thing that has helped me experience noticable change. Now, many of the natural ‘treatments’ and supplements are actually able to work where they had not in the past no matter how much or what form I took. This has been the ‘game changer’ for me. I hope you look into these resources and I hope this helps someone else. When all else had failed and ‘not been enough’ to create a change…this was it for me. Now I have real hope that I am getting to the root and changing my physiology completely.


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