Reversing Stage 4 Melanoma, Skin Cancer, Macrobiotic Diet | James Templeton & Ryan Sternagel

James Templeton, a 5th generation Texan and the last in a line of true blue cowboys credits his ancestors for his fighting spirit – something he had to call on in a battle for his life against Stage 4 Melanoma. 

After receiving a terminal diagnosis in his early 30’s he has now been cancer free for over 30 years thanks to alternative medicine, diet and other healing modalities. 

James went on to found Uni Key Health Systems and the Templeton Wellness Foundation as a way of giving back and helping others achieve health and wellness. His book, I Used to Have Cancer chronicles his inspiring journey back to health.

***Resources Mentioned*** (free guides available)

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Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy by Dirk Benedict

Cancer and Vitamin C by Linus Pauling

Unikey Health Systems

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In This Episode:

Conventional medicine was all James Templeton knew before cancer came knocking on his door. In this very personal episode James shares his journey with me. How he went from the depths of despair to hope and then health, thanks to the love and support of others and his alternative approach to healing. 

In a time before Dr Google and Facebook Groups, James found the courage to forge his own healing path. We touch on three healing modalities James employed – a macrobiotic diet, high dose vitamin C and parasite cleansing; as well as the importance of positivity and mindset. So settle in and prepare to be inspired by James’ amazing story. 

Where you naturally or holistically inclined before diagnosis

  • Not at all. No health problems
  • If sick went to conventional doctor

What were the signs you were sick

  • Life was good, young family, successful businesses, fit and healthy
  • Experienced a lot of death in his family. Kept fit to avoid heart disease
  • Went for check up for heart and doctor told him to get a mole on his back checked
  • Saw dermatologist who suspected melanoma 
  • Biopsy results confirmed Stage 4 melanoma. He was 32 years old
  • Started regular check ups with Oncologist
  • Became depressed and anxious. Marriage broke up
  • Found lump in groin. Cancer had spread to lymphatic system
  • Oncologist recommended 80 treatments of experimental chemotherapy that involved typhoid serum to raise his temperature before administering IV chemo
  • All lymph nodes removed from leg 
  • Given 20% chance of surviving 3-5 years 
  • Felt hopeless. A Minister from his Church gave him a pep talk that changed his mindset
  • Prayers answered through a series of visits by friends and family
  • Given books about people healing themselves through diet and lifestyle
  • Started chemotherapy and a macrobiotic diet. Bad experience with chemo
  • Decided to get out of the conventional system before it killed him
  • Over 33 years later he’s still here and healthier than ever
  • Discovered a new purpose in his life – to help people

What is the macrobiotic diet?

  • Big in 70’s and 80’s
  • Based on: 
    • 50% organic wholegrains (brown rice, barley, millet etc)
    • 25%+ vegetables (lots of cruciferous vegetables plus leeks, onions, garlic) 
    • 10% beans and legumes (aduki, lentils, chickpeas)
    • 10% soup (unpasteurized miso soup)
    • 5% seaweed (wakame, aramee, dulse, kombu)
    • White fish soup once a week
  • Good for gut flora, no sugar
  • Chew each mouthful of food 50 times
  • Also incorporated visualization
  • Keep looking for new anti-cancer things to add to diet and lifestyle
  • Not on a strict macrobiotic diet anymore – be smart about what your body needs
  • Followed the diet for 6 years
  • Walks now instead of running. Move your body but don’t wear it out. Breathe
  • Believes his cancer was a result of stress, exposure to chemicals and issue with his immune system

You did a big parasite cleansing…

  • After several years living a macrobiotic lifestyle and supplementing high dose oral vitamin C, went to seminar on intestinal parasites
  • Was taking over 20,000ml Vitamin C per day 
  • Lecturer told him he had a parasitic ‘look’ and recommended he get checked out
  • Saw an expert doctor in New York. Diagnosed with several different parasites
  • Tissue swab sample from rectum
  • The doctor told James he had never seen a cancer or AIDS patient who didn’t have some sort of parasitic infection
  • Took herbal remedy for three months
  • Parasites are immunosuppressive

What were the herbs you used?

  • Black walnut, wormwood, cloves 
  • Unikey Health Systems, Para-key and Verma-plus
  • Digestive tract is 80% of your immune system
  • Keep yeast and fungus out of your body and build good intestinal flora
  • Parasites thrive on sugar

Why not go into this thinking you can beat it

  • Believing is everything, the mind is so powerful
  • Get away from anyone negative

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