Hydrogen Peroxide Bath

Hydrogen Peroxide Bath With Ryan & Ryder (Video)

The Anti-Cancer Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide Baths

Watch as Ryan explains the benefits behind Hydrogen Peroxide baths and how we make this simple protocol a part of our nightly routine (3-4 nights per week alternating with detox salts).

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  1. Janice Huffman

    First I can’t thank you enough for the suggestion of the Redmond mineral salts. They are amazing and have helped me over a lot of healing crisis with skin cancer. Now, I’m on the way to get the hydrogen peroxide, food grade of course. Thanks for sharing and helping others.

  2. Naomi

    I currently rotate kelp, sodium bicarb, mag chloride, bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, Epsom salts, and raw sea salt for my toddler who is on the GAPS diet to recover antibiotic damage to his gut. I am not super strict about the order or rotation. If I add in the food grade hydrogen peroxide would only doing one bath with H202 a week work with gradually increasing the amount from a very small amount or should I do multiple days? I am wondering cause I was looking into the internal H202 protocols for more information on how H202 works and when people come off they slowly decrease vs a hard cutoff so I’m concerned that one bath a week would be like having a “hard cutoff” on his body with 6-7 days between. I could mix the H202 with one of the other detox ingredients or just have greater frequency if needed. Just thought I would pick your brain and see what your opinion is based on your experience and research etc. Thank you.


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