Haelan 951, Soy Isoflavones, Genistein, Cancer Supplements | Jordan Todesco & Ryan Sternagel

A first for the Anti-cancer Revolution Podcast… We put the spotlight on one of my favorite anti-cancer products, Haelan 951. I chat to Jordan Todesco, son of Lesly Todesco who founded Haelan Products in 1990.  

Jordan’s brother Jared is good friend of mine from high school, and the first person I called after Ryder was diagnosed. Jared got us onto Haelan 951 right away and also introduced Teddy and I to a number of natural healers and integrative practitioners which kick-started the path we’re on today.

***Resources Mentioned***

Haelan 951 website (10% discount available to listeners – use the promo code STERN at checkout)

PubMed Studies on genistein 

RGCC test

Colon cancer and saponins

Pancreatic carcinoma study

FSWW08 studies

Greens First



In This Episode:

In this first of its kind product deep dive, I speak with Jordan about the anti-cancer compounds of Haelan 951 and what makes this product so unique. We also delve into some of the published studies about the beneficial effects of Haelan 951 on people going through cancer.

I’d love to hear what you think of this one so feel free to leave a comment below. 

What does Haelan mean?

  • Healing in Old English

Where did Haelan 951 originate from?

  • Originally from China 
  • Jordan’s father came across it in 1985 
  • With the help top scientists he improved the formulation to what it is today

What is Haelan 951? 

  • A fermented soy beverage
  • Powerful food – immunonutrition 
  • Not all soy is created equal, there are over 2500 species of soy
  • Haelan 951 uses organic, non-GMO soy grown in Mongolia above 3300ft elevation to eliminate cross pollination
  • Multi-stage fermentation process 
  • 25lb of whole soy beans into an 8oz serving
  • Packed with anti-cancer compounds such as Isoflavones like genistein and daidzin, and protease inhibitors
  • Highly bioavailable

What does genistein do?

  • Incredible studies on this compound in PubMed
  • Genistein can down-regulate the N-Myc gene (a gene that can compromise survival rates in some children with Neuroblastoma) 
  • Use search engines like Yahoo or Bing as Google censor alternative health search results
  • A hormone-like substance
  • Inhibits initialization of cellular pathways that lead to cancer 
  • Stops notch signaling (regulation of immunity and inflammation in the body)

Why is Haelan 951 better than other genistein supplements on the market?

  • 5 compounds within the specific strain of soy bean work together synergistically
  • Often the RGCC test recommends genistein 
  • More genistein per serving 
  • Bioavailabilty is second to none
  • Out bodies only absorb 39-53% of supplements in capsule form. A lot of capsule content can be filler
  • Pure form of genistein, not synthetic. 99% purity rate, nearest competitor is around 91% purity
  • Very specific strain of soy bean

Protease inhibitors

  • Prevent synthesis of key proteins required for cancer cells to spread such as the the Bowman-Berk inhibitor that has a suppressive effect on cancer cells


  • Latin word for soap 
  • Plant steroid that foams when mixed with water
  • Within our bodies:
    • Induce apoptosis (death) of cancer cells
    • Fight free radicals
    • Improve immune function
    • Block signalling pathways that lead to cancer
  • Particularly effective for colon cancer


  • Similar to cholesterol
  • Lowers risk of heart disease
  • Improves blood flow – critical for healing and in spreading nutrients around the body

Amino acids

  • Loaded with essential and branch chain amino acids

The soy / estrogen debate

  • Phytoestrogens (plant estrogen) are weaker estrogen
  • Received by the cell and ‘fills’ it up
  • Some cancers are estrogen driven so blocking this power source is good 
  • Breast cancer patients who consume flaxseeds have seen reduced recurrence 
  • The ‘aggressive’ estrogen comes from things like plastics and toxins in skin care 
  • Haelan 951 comes in a glass bottle for this reason

Studies on Haelan 951

  • Induces growth arrest and apoptosis in pancreatic carcinoma 
  • Classified by FDA as a food
  • FSWW08 was used as a term for Haelan 951 in blind or double-blind studies
  • Used by athletes
  • Study shows improvements in PTSD – balance hormonal issues with phytoestrogens
  • Benefits seen in hematology and cachexia (side effect of chemo)
  • Breast cancer studies
  • ALS studies

Is Haelan 951 covered by insurance?

  • Covered by some insurance companies 
  • Need to file for reimbursement after purchasing the product
  • Haelan reps can help with questions
  • Follow steps to file for reimbursement – obtain a letter of medical necessity and a treatment authorisation request 
  • Need to have Medicare supplemental insurance 

The smell and taste

  • A very potent taste and smell
  • Recommend mixing it with Greens First, Calibr8 or chocolate flavored stevia

Contaminant testing

  • Tests for herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals done at the factory and in the US
  • Commitment to and reputation for quality
  • Well known in the integrative world amongst Doctors and Practitioners

How to get Haelan 951

Visit the website

PH: 425 482 4625

10% discount available to listeners – use the promo code STERN at checkout




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