Cancer as a Sulfate Deficiency, “Real” Rife Machines, Cancer and Frequencies | Dr. Greg Nigh

In This Episode:

We cram a ton of information into this podcast, starting with the crossover between cancer therapies, AIDS and Lyme before moving on to bacteria and viruses and frequency generators. Finally we delve into one of Greg’s areas of expertise – cancer as a sulfate deficiency. 

Greg’s depth of knowledge is huge. I learned a lot and I’m sure you will too.  

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Dr. Greg Nigh (ND, LAc) is a naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist specializing in naturopathic oncology. He is co-founder of Immersion Health. In addition to his work with cancer patients, he also works extensively with Lyme disease, mold toxicity and related illnesses, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and gastrointestinal symptoms including inflammatory bowel disease.

How did you get into cancer?

  • 17 years in naturopathic business
  • Interested in policies and the economic drivers influencing medicine and cancer
  • Wrote a thesis on the politics of the AIDS industry. What is “allowed” and not allowed based on economics not efficacy. It’s not conspiracy – just how the system works 
  • While completing his Master’s in Humanities a Professor suggested naturopathic medicine In his practice, Greg started seeing a lot of cancer patients. 
  • A lot of the alternative cancer therapies were not available in Portland so Greg created a program to offer these

There’s a lot of crossover between therapies for cancer, AIDS and lime. Why?

  • There are similarities and commonalities between all cancer types and a small amount that is different. Conventional protocols are built on these small differences. Alternative treatment protocols focus on the similarities
  • Also commonalities amongst the drivers of malignant processes in the body e.g. infections

L-form bacteria

  • Fringe researchers are thinking in different ways about problems and science
    • Cell wall deficient bacteria (L-form) as a cause of malignancy 
    • Rife believed cancer was driven by viruses. Likely what he was treating was L-form micro bacteria

Bacteria vs Virus

  • A virus is a strip of DNA or RNA that has no independent life but can insert itself inside a cell and copy itself
  • Bacteria have no DNA but has a structure that enables it to have a metabolism and consume food – processes that define ‘life’
  • Pleomorphic bacteria can change shape and can shed their cell walls to become tiny particles called L-form or cell wall deficient bacteria that can transform into spores
    • Very difficult to target with therapies
  • Greg believes we misunderstand microorganisms by thinking they are bad guys we have to kill. In the case of viruses, our cells may need this external DNA for things our internal DNA can’t provide
    • Study showed average of 156 different viruses in lungs healthy peoples 
    • Symbiotic relationship goes well until things get out of balance
    • Greg recommends Planet of Viruses by Karl Zimmer 


Two key points:

  1. Frequencies stopping the growth of cancer cells is not controversial. Studies published within the last 15 years substantiate this. Specific frequencies can kill specific cancer cells. 
  2. What are the frequencies and technology to achieve this?
    • Most products on the market are not effective 
    • Must hold a very specific frequency to be effective
    • The CAFL frequency list does not list Rife frequencies
  • Greg uses a custom machine that holds Rife frequencies. Completed a successful clinical trial treating cancer pain. Now seeking FDA approval
    • Uses very specific frequencies
  • The GB4000 machine Ryan and Teddy used wouldn’t hold a specific frequency

What would you say about people who use other machines like the GB4000 who report improvements in their cancer?

  • Not saying other frequencies aren’t effective, just that there is no ‘evidence-basis’ to make this assertion

These machines emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs)

  • The EMF spectrum is huge and there are many ways they are used to positively impact cells and tissue 
  • The higher the frequency the more damaging to the body. 
  • Below the visual spectrum is infrared which is very beneficial. Ultraviolet is where you start seeing DNA damage
    • 5G is very high up on the spectrum
    • Rife and other frequency generators are in the FM radio spectrum – not damaging to cells or DNA
  • PEMP studies (sign up required) 

Is the machine you use available for sale?

  • Yes, made to order. Contact Greg to enquire
  • Cost is in excess of $14K USD

Cancer as a sulfate deficiency DMSL sulfur

  • Explored in depth Greg’s book – The Devil in the Garlic – due out in October
  • Our bodies need constant access to sulfate (SO4)
  • We can’t consume sulfate. The foods we eat e.g. garlic contain dietary sulfur and sulfur compounds. This is turned into sulfate through enzymatic processes

What about sulfites in wine?

  • Sulfite is SO3 and is added to preserve color etc. Our bodies needs to convert this to SO4
  • If we are not generating sulfate, our body compensates in different ways. One way is to create an overgrowth of bacteria in our gut. This bacteria mostly generates hydrogen sulfite and SO3 which can cause problems including inflammatory bowel, digestive issues, skin problems, hot flashes
  • Sulfur is a chelator. Good when used in detoxification pathways, not good if present in other cell functions

Sulfur and cancer link

  • Mina Bissell demonstrated in her research that Stage 1 and 2 cancers show up all the time in our tissues – it’s a normal process 
  • Cancer cells produce very high amounts of hydrogen sulfide. If you have a local deficiency of sulfate, does the body then produce cells that can help reverse this deficiency?  
    • Bodies do things for a reason. Mutations in tumors / cancers cells are directed, not random
  • Recommends the Water Conference in Germany 

How do you find out if you have a sulfate problem and how do you fix it?

  • A combination of diet, nutrients for 2-4 weeks and assess results
  • Investigation to identify the foods that are problematic. Individual therapies needed

What are your thoughts on MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)?

  • It depends on how a particular body processes MSM or other sulfur compounds
  • Epsom salt baths. Bypass the gut.
    • 4 cups of epsom salts, hot bath soak for 20 minutes, 7 nights in a row. 3-4 nights the following week
    • Epsom salt bath study
  • The sulfur compounds are not easily extracted from MSM 

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