How to Choose a Cancer Clinic With Frank Cousineau – President of the Cancer Control Society

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I caught up with Frank Cousineau of the Cancer Control Society at this year’s Best Answer for Cancer Conference. This was definitely one of those “full circle” moments I’ve been experiencing a lot lately as we were working with Frank Cousineau early on in our own journey trying to find the path that was going to be best for us.

In this interview Frank Cousineau talks about what a cancer clinic is, typical services they offer, and how to select one that’s right for you. We also hear about Frank’s own upcoming Cancer Control Society conference and the tour that’s taken of several clinics directly after the conference to help folks get a feel for their choices and feel really good about their decision. Frank even talks about a couple clinics that have been having success with children which I was thrilled to hear about!!

If you really want to level up your understanding of cancer and natural ways of preventing or reversing it, I’d strongly encourage you to make your way to some of these conferences. This year’s Best Answer for Cancer conference in San Diego was incredible as we had all of the doctors you always see in these interviews in one place collaborating and spending time with any regular person that wanted to pick their brain. Cancer Control Society 2017 in Los Angeles promises to be great as well especially if you’re interested in looking further into cancer clinics!

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