Etee: Healthy, Reusable, Plastic Free Food Wrap!

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Reusable Food Wrap: A Plastic Free Alternative!

Why Plastic is BAD and Etee is GOOD: 

Despite the fact that plastic has known adverse health affects, it is everywhere! The main health concern behind the most notorious chemical in plastic, Bisphenol-A (BPA) is that it acts as an estrogen mimicker, or xeno-estrogen. As the name implies, these mimic the hormone estrogen inside the body, throwing off hormonal balance and encouraging rapid cell division. Chemicals with estrogenic activity have been linked to most notably breast cancer, but also ovarian, testicular, and prostate cancers. And that’s not to mention early puberty in females, reduced sperm count in males, altered functions of reproductive organs, and obesity.

Unfortunately, even many products labeled “BPA-free” actually have a far greater estrogenic activity than those containing BPA!!

So that’s really the scientific gist of why we were literally over the moon when we stumbled across Etee reusable food wrap! Etee is not only eco friendly and reusable (you can use it around 150 times or 4-6 months) but an incredibly HEALTHy alternative to plastic! They are totally non-toxic and the dyes are third party tested for heavy metals. They are made from organic cotton and reclaimed leather.

In this video, I talk about what Etee is, why it’s so awesome, and how and why to use Etee food wraps!

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