Dr. Ed Group Water Fasting Q&A

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Integrative Answers to Cancer Podcast Episode 46: Dr. Ed Group

Dr. Ed Group returns to answer all of your questions on water fasting such as:

  • What was Dr. Group’s experience with an 18 day water fast like?
  • What are the benefits of water fasting vs. ketogenic diet, juice fasting & bone broth fasting?
  • Best types of water to use on a water fast?
  • How to prepare for a fast?
  • How to come off of a fast?
  • Potential symptoms to be prepared for on an extended water fast?
  • What about water fasting for nursing mothers?
  • How long to fast for regeneration of various stem cells?

This is a follow up to episode 36 where Dr. Group lays out the anti-cancer power of water fasting along with laying out all the associated health benefits.  Be sure to listen if you haven’t already!

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