Bamboo Toilet Paper, Glass Storage Containers, Blue Light Glasses, Best Air Purifier: No Tox Life QA

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Ryan and Teddy take the time to answer some of your questions on living the non-toxic, high vibin’ life.

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1:30​ Good news since last video update:
Ryder’s scan last week came back stable 6 ½ years after neuroblastoma cancer diagnosis
Thank you for the prayers

2:40​ What is the countertop composting device you have?
Vitamix composter
very small
Too small for families or those who juice
Not real compost – grinds and dehydrates the food
Tends to mold
Looking for a composter without plastic
Please send in suggestions and recommendations

4:17​ Doesn’t your wood stove let out smoke?
Yes and no
When the door is closed, no smoke released
Recommended by building biologist
Rais brand – Denmark
Smoke only released when starting fire
AirDoctor kept nearby and turned on high when starting fire
High efficiency- provides majority of heat

5:50​ What do you do for food storage?
Everything stored in glass
Covered in Etee wraps (beeswax coated hemp)
Don’t put produce in plastic produce bags when going to grocery store
Don’t use Saran Wrap

7:29​ What can be done about conventional building materials off-gassing formaldehyde in an existing home?
Air purification
Air Doctor – stand alone
Solace – whole house (carbon)
Keep air circulating
Windows open
Run fans
AFM Safe Coat non-toxic paint
Seals in off-gassing

9:08​ What can be done about EMF coming into the home?
EMF shielding paint
Work with building biologist to reduce EMF trapped inside
Fabric (silver) bed canopies
EMF fabric along walls/window coverings
Qi device
Skeptical of pendants and medallions/harmonizers

11:01​ What kind of toilet paper do you use?
Recycled toilet paper is toxic because of chemicals used
Plant paper: Tree-free, Toxin-free toilet paper
Zero chemicals

13:20​ What kind of countertops did you choose for your house and why?
Quartz countertops
With-in price range
Partially engineered
Doesn’t off-gas
Granite is
toxic because of the sealant used
possible radon
Marble good but chips easily
utilizes natural and man-made substances
Doesn’t off-gas
use porcelain based
no ceramic tile (lead)
use special grout

15:19​ With so many promoting it, is Air Doctor really your favorite air purifier?
CADR ratings – Stacks up to those costing thousands of dollars
No UV light feature
Filters down to .003 microns
Need more than one purifier for the house
Auto function kicks in with poor quality air

17:55​ What do you do to reduce blue light at night?
Will be the topic of an upcoming video
Red LED light bulbs
Actual red diodes
Unscented Organic beeswax candles
Blue blocking glasses
Blu blockers (don’t filter out green)
Blu blocks (filter out blue and green)

20:43​ What brand are your non-toxic window shades?
Not sure of brand
Purchased at local window shade store
Green-guard certified

22:33​ Update on Rocky
One-year-old son
Assembled a team to help with healing from auto-immune eczema
Plan to share through updoming videos
Feel prepared to help Rocky after Ryder’s healing journey

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