What does meditation have to do with your kid’s health? EVERYTHING. | Emily Fletcher of Ziva Meditation

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Don’t Kill Yourself in the Name of Your Kid’s Health

You’ve probably heard us joke that for at least the first year after Ryder was diagnosed with stage four cancer, WE looked more like the cancer patients than he did.

Ryder consumed a never-ending stream of high-end supplements, his bedroom had expensive energy medicine devices and air purifiers and essential oil diffusers running all the time (the last two not at the same time of course…), he got as much sleep as he needed and hydration that we could pump into him, and so on.

We, on the other hand barely ate, drank or slept. The mere thought of taking a supplement for ourselves that could be going into Ryder made us feel guilty. And there certainly was no “work on ourselves” being done.

While will always be very proud of the lengths we’ve gone to in doing what we saw as the absolute best by our son throughout this journey regardless of the cost, this is a cost we realize now was largely unnecessary at best.

What’s Good for You Is Good for Your Kid

Now that we’re back to working out, regularly consuming nutrient dense food and high quality supplements, and yes, “working on ourselves,” not only do we feel a whole lot better but Ryder directly benefits.

So many times we would wake up with our face in a book or on the keyboard and have to re-read whatever it was we were trying to get through the night before. While we did a great job of getting all of Ryder’s supplements in, it could have been even better as our minds were going in a million different directions.

Now that we’re back at close to the top of our own personal games, the care Ryder receives is of even a higher quality because we’re that much more effective in our research and implementation.

And to get just a little woo-woo, we believe that energy, the bio-field, the soul-force, whatever you want to call it needs to be taken very seriously.

As Robyn Openshaw explains in her book Vibe (which is great by the way), it’s been basically proven at this point that everything in this existence is really just energy vibrating a certain frequency when you break it down far enough.

Things, like food or people, vibrating at high frequencies can raise up the entities of lower vibration, and vice versa. As a family unit, we want to be sure we as parents are vibrating as high as we can so that our kids directly benefit.

Join us for the free Stress Solution Masterclass!!

Emily Fletcher on zivaONLINE: Meditation for Health and Performance

Why We’re Excited About Ziva Meditation

So, with all that in mind, we’re really excited to sit in on our friend Emily Fletcher’s free Stress Solution Masterclass on meditation and go on to take her Ziva Meditation course!!

I (Ryan) have spent the past couple years dabbling with my own meditation habit as I realize this can be a game changer in all the areas mentioned above.

While I did very much enjoy the app I was using, for whatever reason I’ve never been able to make a consistent daily practice of it and always felt like I was missing something.

According to Emily, zivaONLINE is different than any program or course on meditation to date and has been designed with these exact problems most folks run into in mind so I’m REALLY excited to give it a try!

As always with something like this, not only will we be doing this for ourselves so our kids will get the indirect benefit but also seeing how much we can get them to do themselves.

Ryder and Channing already do deep breathing exercises and make positive affirmations when they wake up and before they go to sleep. We’ll be seeing what we can add to that with Ziva Meditation. ?

Join us in the free Stress Solution Masterclass and the Ziva Meditation course from there!!