Our Upgraded Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanse: How & Why

Why We’re Doing the Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanse 

The Sternagel family is doing (our version of) the Oxy Powder colon cleanse from Global Healing Center and I wanted to let you all in on the fun!

If the thought of a squeaky clean colon excites you as much as it does us, you’re in the right place.

In all seriousness, this is the first part of the 9 step body cleanse created by Dr. Ed Group and we’re really looking forward to diving in.  I had actually started this program for myself shortly before Ryder was diagnosed and it took a back seat to more pressing issues.

But now cleanses like this are more important than ever to us. Cancer survivors are almost guaranteed to face multiple secondary (often life-threatening) chronic illnesses as adults, not to mention the “financial toxicity” that comes along with the ongoing medical burden.

Mainstream medicine readily admits this is due to the toxicity of the treatment, yet they don’t provide any guidance to families on how to avoid it… I suppose because none of their drugs do anything to clean the body.

I would add to this that the conventional treatments don’t do anything to fix what led to cancer forming in the first place.  So even though they can be effective in beating it back, the conditions are still present for it to happen again.

This is a huge issue that affects both adult and childhood survivors.

And since we know that we’re swimming in a sea of toxicity in the modern world… and overall toxic burden is a massive contributor to cancer developing and inhibitor to the body’s natural healing process… and we want to be around a long time for our kids…

Teddy and I are doing it too. 

We’ve actually rather like the traditional Chinese medicine philosophy of incorporating a fall and a spring cleanse and as such do something like this twice per year.

What Is the Colon and Why Cleanse It?

To keep it short and sweet, the colon (or large intestine) is the last organ in the digestive system.  It’s the last stop for undigested food and waste before they get passed to the rectum and out of the body.

So in a program like this it’s the first thing you’d want to cleanse.  If you try to clean the liver before the colon, and you’ve already got a minor traffic jam there, well now you’ve got a major one with no way for the toxins to exit your body.

And while information is all over the map as far as what a healthy flow of traffic “is,” it’s almost certainly a lot more than you think.

From everything I’ve heard I’ve come to the rough conclusion that an ideal bowel movement should be about the length of one segment of your colon, which is somewhere from one to two feet depending on body height, and just one per day isn’t enough.

This is also the part of the gut that is home to the most gut bacteria.  It’s common knowledge by now that a healthy gut bacterial balance leads to healthy bodies, most notably in immune function.

Long story short, clean environment leads to good bacterial balance.  Toxic environment leads to bad bacterial balance.

For these and so many other reasons, it’s a good idea to keep this thing clean.

Oxy Powder: The Colon Cleansing Secret Sauce

The main supplemental component to this colon cleanse program is Oxy-Powder.

Oxy powder is an ozonated (enriched with ozone) magnesium product developed by Dr. Edward Group of Global Healing Center.

What sets this apart from so many other colon cleansing products is its ability to release oxygen into the digestive tract to gently break up impacted fecal matter and stored toxins, so the body can easily flush it out.

This is different from most other colon cleansing products you see. 

Laxative based products simply force the body to make a bowel movement.  Aside from not really “cleaning” anything this can also lead to dependency.

Fiber based products increase the bulk of the stool so it can theoretically clean the colon walls as it passes through.  Aside from a very increased likelihood of constipation (the last thing you want in a cleanse), these can also cause irritation.

With Oxy Powder, you take it before you go to bed, it dissolves everything overnight, and the poo basically falls out the next day.

Aside from being the baseline of this cleanse, it’s one of our top go-to’s for simply relieving occasional constipation.

Product purity is also a really big deal to us, which is why we get a lot of products from Global Healing Center… because it is to them too.

The Colon Cleanse Diet


Doesn’t get any easier.  Ideally one type fruit per meal.  As much and as often as you want.

Fruits are the easiest on the digestive system, provide plenty of fiber, hydrate the colon and are natural detoxifiers in their own right.

Plus it’s kind of like a food vacation for the whole family.  The kids had huge bowl fulls of grapes this morning and Teddy and I split a watermelon.  

It might get old for a lifetime but for a week it’s a lot of fun!

In addition to the all fruit diet, LOTS of water with apple cider vinegar (another powerful detoxifier and health promotor) is a must to keep things moving.

Although it’s not in the instructions, we’ve always liked Dr. Group’s colon cleanse cocktail, which adds lemon juice and aloe vera juices to the mix.

We’ve had a couple jugs of our favorite (and the best) aloe product Stockton Aloe on ice for a just such a special occasion.

The highly reviewed Global Healing Center probiotic Latero-Flora is also part of the package.  

We’ve also got one of our other favorites, MaryRuth’s Daily Liquid Probiotic, on hand and figure now is as good a time as ever to double down on good gut bacteria!

Reminder: You can see always see our favorite supplements in the supplements portion of the what we use tab at the top of our website.

Full instructions for the how and when to eat and take the supplements can be found on The Colon Cleanse Kit page in Global Healing Center. 

Other Colon Cleansing Upgrades

Being us, we had to go above and beyond the standard instructions.

Rebounding (jumping on a mini trampoline) is a must to start the day.  

While most of the research and testimonial around rebounding revolves around the lymphatic and immune systems, you can really feel it “getting things moving” as well.  As the Oxy-Powder dissolves all the gunk off the lining we want to be sure to help it all come out as best we can.

Speaking of getting things moving, another way we’re starting the day is with a nice, relaxing colon massage.  This is another great way to stimulate peristalsis (how the muscles in your digestive tract push out the poo), plus Ryder thinks it’s hilarious. 

It’s easy for anyone to do.  Just press down gently and make small circular movements along the path of your (or your kid’s) colon.   

Start at the bottom right of your stomach right along your hip, go up to your ribs, travel across above the belly button to your left side, back down to your other hip, and over and out the shoot.

And that’s it!

Again this Oxy-Powder colon cleanse is part of the Global Healing Center Nine Step Body Cleanse that we’ll be doing over over the next few months (that’s actually very easy to fit into everyday life with just a little thought and planning), and we hope you join us!