Our Ultra Healing Sauna routine | Hyperthermia, Hormesis, and Lymphatic Stimulation

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Turn sauna on to heat up

  • If on the schedule that day, set reminder to turn on so you don’t forget
  • That said, our new Influence Sauna has an amazing warm up time so it’s not as much of an issue as with our old one!

Hydration before

  • We try not to consume anything while in the sauna to ensure rise in core body temperature
  • Prepare room temperature water to take in if needed

Bring towel – wipe as needed in sauna and immediately when out

  • Ensures toxicants stay out of body

Grab a high dose anti-cancer liposomal product

  • Technique at cancer clinics to do IV during sauna
  • Time cancer cells are weakest
  • We rotate between Vitamin C, curcumin, artemisinin, LifeOne, etc.

Dry skin brush

  • Opens pores and gets lymphatic system moving for great detox
  • Great way to make sure we get our dry brushing in!

Wear very little

  • Ryder has taken to going commando lately

Healing Frequency Music

  • We love Wholetones and Wholetones Christmas
  • CD player delivers more frequencies than MP3

Take liposomal product towards end

  • Cancer cells are most vulnerable at high temperatures
  • Many cancer clinics combine nutrient IVs and other therapies with hyperthermia

Time & temp in sauna

  • Can’t give advice for your family, but this is what we did:
  • Worked up very slowly, started 90 degree ten minutes
  • Got up to 140 – 150 for 45 – 60 minutes almost every day with our old sauna
  • (when we were in the thick of it)
  • Our new influence Sauna goes up to 170, working up to that for 25-45 minutes 3-4 times per week
  • (Alternate with other detox activities, castor packs, clay packs, detox baths, etc) We really go by how we feel in determining if we need to get out. We ask Ryder how he’s feeling frequently.
  • Main point is to get good and sweaty

Activities we like in the sauna:

  • Books / learning
  • Breath work
  • Meditation
  • Keep beat / sing to music

Towel off

Topical products

  • Typically magnesium & essential oils
  • When pores are most open

Contrast shower

Many health and anti-cancer benefits to extreme temps both ways most notably metabolic health and immune boost