The Stern Method for The Ultimate Lymphatic System Detox

Resources Mentioned: Dry skin brush (use code STERN for 10% off)  – Queen of the Thrones Fascia body roller (use code STERN for 10% off) – Queen of the Thrones Castor oil (use code STERN for 10% off) – Queen of the Thrones Castor oil packs (use code STERN for 10% off) – Queen of […]

The ULTIMATE Coffee Enema for Detox & Gut Health

 Resources mentioned: Oxy Powder ozonated magnesium Purelife enema coffee Black Gold humic acid Aqua Energizer water structurer Tummy Love liquid fulvic acid Spagyri-Zyme liquid probiotic- code STERN for 25% off Premium Enema Kit Medium fine mesh sieve Leven Rose jojoba oil Kasandrinos olive oil PowerPlate massage gun (great / more affordable) P2 Probiotic Power […]

ACTUAL Cavitation Surgery – Removing Bacterial Infection of the Mouth

  Resources Mentioned: Summit View Biological Dentistry Book by Dr. Thomas E. Levy- Hidden Epidemic: Silent Oral Infections Cause Most Heart Attacks and Breast Cancers Cyto Detox –… BIND –… True Carbon Cleanse –… >Ionic Foot Detox Bath Machine (research into “the best” out there still needs to be conducted) Ozone Oils […]

Ultra Healing Castor Oil Pack (Without the Mess) | The NON-TOXIC Way

 Resources Mentioned: Queen of Thrones Organic Castor Oil & Pack Use code “STERN” for 10% off! Biomat & Bio Belt – (say you were referred by The Sternagels for free personalized training!) Rubber Hot Water Bottle Younifi Wellness Essential Oils Updates: Given one of the primary goals of the Castor Oil Pack is gut […]