TrueDark Kids Glasses – Why our whole family uses BLUE BLOCKERS as an ANTI-CANCER Strategy

We ordered Ryder (4) and Channing (1) each a pair of Biohacked TrueDark kids glasses (the Twilights for nighttime) to block out “junk light”… more commonly known as artificial blue light. Although we also utilize red lights in lamps we’ve set up around the house when the sun goes down, sometimes computers get turned on, fridges opened, neighbors drive by, or we leave our house at night which of course exposes our family to blue light and the negative health consequences it carries with it after dark.

What is Blue Light and How is it Bad?

Let me start by saying blue light on it’s own is not a bad thing! The sun after all is incredibly anti-cancer when not we’re not over exposed to it.

Blue light or uv light are natural as long as they are present during daytime hours when the sun is actually present. The problem lies with artificial blue light. Blue light emitting from our electronics, brightly lit homes after dark, flashing screens all along highway roads, etc. send false daytime signals to our body that negatively effect our circadian rhythm, sleep, and overall health.

Blue Light and Cancer

Exposure to blue light at night time has been shown to impair production of melatonin. Studies are showing lower melatonin levels to be linked to an increased risk of cancer.

Blue Light and Sleep

Along with cancer, melatonin is the hormone that regulates our circadian rhythm. Limiting melatonin throws off our natural sleep cycle making falling into a deep “healing” (REM) sleep much more difficult.

TrueDark Kids Glasses – Why We Chose Them {Video Review}

Purchase the TrueDark Glasses for Kids and Adults Here – Daywalkers are for daytime artificial light and TrueDarks are for nighttime 

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