The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest, Episode 7 Recap

Heal Cancer with Clean Electricity, Unique Water, Natural Sunlight & Combining Superfoods

Where to begin? This episode covered so many different topics and treatments, all of which very important, so I don’t know where to start! From the beginning I suppose.

Combining Superfoods

I’m thrilled that Ty made this series global because we get to hear from cancer doctors we usually don’t just following what everyone is up to in the US. I’d never heard of Dr. Raymond Hilu before but he has clinics and offices all over the world and Teddy and I both really liked what he had to say. He stressed the importance of covering ALL the angles you can when it comes to health and treating cancer naturally. We completely agree that a lot of people, even alternative cancer doctors, will get too hung up on a particular treatment and let too many important areas of focus go by the wayside. How do you, a layman, make sure you’re not making this mistake? Easy, just keep researching! It’s a never ending process and it doesn’t happen all at once but the more you learn, the more you will naturally be able to sort of categorize everything and make sure you’re addressing everything that needs to be addressed.

Dr. Hilu gave a great concise explanation of the Budwig protocol, which now that Ryder is off of the feeding tube and able to eat somewhat textured foods (we have to work on chewing with him now since he sort of missed the window that most kids naturally learn how…) has been a staple in our protocol. I was actually starting to write an article on just topic this before the series started so stay tuned. The long and short of it though, is cottage cheese mixed with flax seed oil… That’s it. Basically, the way Dr. Hilu explained it is, as we’ve learned, oxygen is detrimental to cancer cells and needed for healthy cells. Flax seed oil is an incredible carrier of oxygen, but due to it having a negative charge, it’s poorly absorbed into cells as our bodies also have a negative charge so they repel each other. Cottage cheese on the other hand, has a positive charge, so combining it with the flax seed oil helps oxygen to be delivered directly to the cells. I hadn’t heard the different charges explanation of why Budwig is so effective yet but it certainly makes sense. By the way, Ryder now DEMANDS this mixture every morning, but if your kid isn’t thrilled about it, mixing in whatever fruits you like to make it a little more appealing is perfectly fine. We like a lot of grapes on top when we eat it for ourselves.

Speaking of oxygen, this doesn’t really have anything to do with superfoods but another treatment method they covered in considerable detail was the use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Ty visited the Center For New Medicine in California where they use this as a staple in their protocols. These are basically big tubes that you can lie down in that will pressurize far beyond normal atmospheric pressure with oxygen, creating the effect of basically forcing the oxygen to dissolve into the blood. We had actually tried this for Ryder a few times at Anderson Medical Specialty Associates while we lived in Washington (if you’re in the Seattle area and looking for a great doctor Dr. Anderson’s your guy!) but as you can imagine, laying down in a loud, pressurized tube wasn’t too thrilling for what was still an infant at the time and this turned out to be one of the few treatments we just couldn’t make work for him. Your kid might be different though and if you can find someone in your area with one it certainly doesn’t hurt to try!

Also at the Center For New Medicine, Dr. Connealy really blew us away by making the statement you can make your own GCMAF at home from yogurt!!! We’ve been at this long enough where we don’t hear a whole lot that we haven’t heard at least once before, but this was new to us and you can bet we’re going to be doing this real soon. GCMAF is a molecule that naturally occurs in the body that for lack of a better term supercharges the macrophage cells in our immune system (Macrophage Activating Factor) that go around eating bad cells. How do you know it works? Because the European version of the FDA recently raided the main facility producing the stuff in Britain and seized everything! The FDA has also been persecuting any doctor that dares to use it here in the US, and quite a few of them have actually died recently under very suspicious circumstances. The results of GCMAF speak for themselves if you look into it.

Ty also interviewed KC and Monica Craichy, founders of Living Fuel. Living Fuel is a full spectrum superfood supplement that’s basically the most nutritious meal you could ever imagine in a glass… And it’s delicious! We know from personal experience that KC and Monica are very good people and they make a great product. We drank a whole lot of it both while we were inpatient in the hospital with limited food choices, and while constantly going back and forth to and from the hospital with limited time for meals. I really, really doubt you’ll have a hard time getting your kids to drink this so it’s an incredible way to easily get a whole lot of great nutrition into them.

Natural Sunlight

I really liked how Dr. Mercola put it: “Vitamin D is nothing short of a miracle. It’s a God-given miracle. We were designed to be exposed to the sun.” He pointed out that far more people have died from cancer and other diseases from lack of sun exposure than of skin cancer from too much. He furthermore made the note that there are three main types of UV light that come from the sun – A, B, and C. C doesn’t really make it to us that well, B is beneficial to us and helps in the formation of vitamin D and other crucial reactions, and A is the kind that can be harmful on its own. Guess which type most sunscreens filter out… B, the good kind! They let A right through. So basically this allows people to stay out in the sun way longer than they would normally, not get any of the good, life-giving light, and get all of the harmful stuff. This is why studies keep showing a direct link between sunscreen use and, you guessed it, skin cancer. For practical purposes, just be sure to take your kid out in the sun often during the spring so they get a tan and are ready for summer.

How do you get sunlight during winter or in colder climates? Plants! Sort of going back to the superfood topic, but the chlorophyll in leafy greens and other plants is basically our way of eating stored up sunlight. This is the main reason why wheatgrass is popular to juice, it has an astronomical chlorophyll content. We’ve been meaning to grow our own forever, as it’s not hard to grow indoors, but just haven’t gotten around to it. After a refresher on just how important sunlight and/or chlorophyll are to the body (Dr. Mercola pointed out it’s been proven that the risk of ALL cancers is reduced by an average of 50% JUST by having adequate vitamin D levels), we’re not putting it off any longer. Not the first time that’s happened watching this series! We also supplement Ryder with several drops per day of Carlson Labs Baby Natural Vitamin D Drops to be safe, but as Dr. Mercola noted, nothing beats the real thing.

Unique Water

The benefits of water, structured water to be specific, are hard to wrap your mind around, and also hard to keep up with! Early on in dealing with Ryder’s cancer we got connected to Bob Wright (his book is incredible by the way…As opposed to Ty’s encyclopedia approach, Bob gets right down to the nuts and bolts and do’s and don’ts in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand), who is very big on this form of treatment. In fact, I believe I saw Webster Kehr of Cancer Tutor refer to Bob’s protocol, the water portion in specific, as the “crown jewel” of alternative cancer treatment… Doesn’t get much better than that! The product line for the machines to produce this type of water that Bob recommends is from the Enagic company. A couple other machines were featured on the show last night and now I’m very interested to learn the differences between the three of them.

Dr. Howard Fisher tells the story of a group of people living near Chernobyl who after the nuclear disaster DID NOT get cancer. After a lot of research, it was determined the water they were drinking coming down a mountain was actually what saved them. Through the action of coming down the mountain, the structure of the water molecules was actually changed to a form more readily absorbed by their cells, and in a sense, super-hydrated them. As Dr. Fisher put it, if you can get enough water into the cell to where it functions optimally “it can basically take on almost anything.”

Ty next interviewed Dr. Igor Smirnov, one of the main researchers studying these people at Chernobyl, who went on to create a machine called the MRET Water Activator to replicate the structure found in that mountain water. Afterwards, Paul Barettiero, the founder of Echo Water, a machine with similar properties was interviewed as well. If we were starting again today, we’d definitely be looking into these two machines as well as Enagic (that being said, we love our Enagic machine!). The great part about this treatment is, it’s water. It’s a powerful treatment, and it’s what your kid is drinking anyways. And trust me, when trying to effectively and consistently treat a child with cancer, easy is very good.

Clean Electricity

Electricity can either be great or detrimental for health. As Dr. Connealy explained, when you get right down to it, we’re mostly made up of electricity. That’s why it’s insanity to think that we can introduce all these cell phone towers, smart meters, wifi routers, cell phones, tablets, wireless computers, and on, and on, and on, into the world and even our homes and just assume everything’s going to be fine!!! I can’t stress this enough, many people consider it one of the worst dangers to human health today, which is saying a whole lot, and I happen to agree. If you haven’t already seen it, please watch the documentary Take Back Your Power to get an idea of how serious of an issue this is.

In our old house, the first thing we did after watching this movie was buy an EMF meter so we could know for sure what we were being exposed to. It turned out we lived in a relatively good area as far as EMFs from surrounding cell phone towers, wifi routers, etc. but we definitely had to make some changes in our house. The Xbox we owned for movie watching was putting out ridiculous amounts of EMFs JUST PLUGGED IN AND NOT EVEN TURNED ON, and it seemed to be focused right where Teddy usually sat and nursed Ryder. Someone got a real good deal on Craigslist for that thing because we just wanted it gone.

On the other hand, we can also harness electricity for our benefit. Our Enagic water machine for instance uses an electric current run through titanium plates to ionize the water passing through it. We fire up the GB 4000 (Rife Machine) and set it next to Ryder’s crib every night when he goes to sleep. The PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) machines featured a couple nights back in Dr. Jimenez’s clinic and last night in The Center For New Medicine mimics the earth’s magnetic poles which can produce profound healing effects.

Well I’ve said it a few times going reviewing this series, but there really is just so much out there that people are using successfully to heal their cancer it’s offensive to say the least that these technologies and nutritional strategies are not being offered in mainstream hospitals to the people that need them, especially the children. But the good news is this information has never been more available than it is today with programs like this, and we’re doing our best to bring it to you ourselves as well.

God Bless everyone, hope you can catch tonight’s episode!