Detoxify Your Life Series, Part III: Safe Cleaning Products

[sc name=”mygreenfills25off”] The choices you make when cleaning your home can either leave you in a swimming pool of carcinogenic chemicals or instead, natural and more importantly, safe (usually) plant extracts (but I’ll discuss other safe options as well). Using safe cleaning products is really that simple and it really is one or the other. Since you usually can’t […]

Detoxify Your Life Series, Part II: Safe Personal Care Products

The skin is the largest organ in our bodies and acts as a two way transportation system in and out, ideally carrying bad stuff out and good stuff in. Our bodies, and especially our children’s bodies that haven’t had any chance to adapt yet, were not designed for rubbing toxic chemicals all over them to start […]

Detoxify your Life Series, Part I: Introduction and Baby Products

A carcinogen is a substance that is known to cause cancer. Toxins are a broader term for all heavy metals and chemicals that will negatively impact health in one way or another (often cancer). If you find out your kid has cancer and you’re trying to heal it, or if you want your kids to […]