Organic SuperGreens – Paleovalley {Why We Like It}

[sc name=”Toxic Home Transformation”] What We Like about Organic Supergreens 19 superfoods (not too few not too many!) No cereal grasses such as wheat or barley Avoids wheat germ agglutinin Different than gluten but those with sensitivities take note! Variety: Primary ingredients different than other super blends Mild mint taste Gently dried Digestive enzymes 100% […]

Preventing Side Effects from ALL Treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen, Sauna and Supplementation

Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher The Stern Method Podcast Episode 27: Andrea Martin-Niklos The Stern Method THRIVER STORIES Andrea Martin-Niklos talks about how their family’s strong faith along with complementary approaches such as purchasing a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, infrared sauna (mention The Stern Method for $150 off of ANY Sunlighten Sauna) and lots of supplementation has seen her son Roman […]