Healing Kitchen: Top 5 Tools

  Resources Mentioned: 0:23 Our Pressure Cooker 1:20 Instant Pot 2:18 Our blender 2:25 Our Stainless Steel Blender Container 3:16 Our Crock 3:57 Our Stainless Steel Sprouting Drip Trays 4:05 Sprouting Jar 4:08 Sprouting Lids 4:19 Seeds We Use 5:40 Our Easy to Clean Juicer (Centrifugal) 5:52 Our Citrus Press

Our Ultra Healing Sauna routine | Hyperthermia, Hormesis, and Lymphatic Stimulation

Get our free essential oil quick reference sheet here: Resources Mentioned Relax Sauna Phoenix Aurelius Liposomal Vitamin C (THE BEST… period 🙂 – Use code STERN for 30% OFF!!! Wholetones – Our favorite healing frequency CDs Wholetones 2Sleep – Super convenient and AMAZING for sleep & relaxation Dry Skin Brush BeYoung Essential Oils   Routine: […]

Making Ozone Water + Plant Based Inspiration

Resources Mentioned: Truly Heal Ozone Generator Superfood Smoothie Bowl (Recipe Below) Chickpea Burgers (Recipe Below) Once Again Peanut Butter Our pressure cooker Our instant pot (mainly used for rice) Benefits of Ozone: (Minute 3:58) Gut health – Heals tight junctions Oxygenates cells & tissues Immune modulation: Flags cancer cells & pathogens with heat shock proteins recognizable […]