Andrea’s Integrative Neuroblastoma Cancer Treatment Research for her Daughter

Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher The Stern Method Podcast Episode 31: Andrea Shoup The Stern Method THRIVER STORIES [sc name=”Simple Healing Home Opt in”] Andrea Shoup talks about doing her own research for her daughter going through high risk neuroblatoma and switching hospitals to find the best team. [sc name=”squareone2″] More Thriver Stories: Preventing Side Effects from ALL Treatment […]

Bee Propolis is Venomous to Cancer Cells!

[sc name=”GMOs Revealed”] The Many Ways Bee Propolis Can Fight Many Cancers Bee propolis and its marked anti-cancer effects, let alone vast array of other incredible health benefits, is the latest example I’ve found of a product of God’s creation providing scientifically backed astounding results that you’ve probably never heard about mainly because it wouldn’t […]

We Get Knocked Down, But We Get Up Again

Not The MRI Results You Want Right Before Christmas… It was two days before Christmas and the results we got back from Ryder’s MRI were not what we were hoping for. Ever since our first scan, we’ve never known anything but shrinkage. The first few scans showed massive reductions, and every time after that it’s been […]

Leanne Woodland and How She Beat Cancer

[sc name=”GMOs Revealed”] One of the things that has made our decision to treat Ryder unconventionally “work” (or at least a lot easier on us), is that we’ve managed to stay unified in our thought process and together on all the big choices. We’ve come across many families now who have one parent believing in non-toxic treatments […]