Naturally Manage Chemotherapy Induced Cachexia (Weight Loss) and Hair Loss

Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects Naturally Dealing with the side effects of conventional cancer treatment can be one of the most challenging aspects of battling the disease. Below are some ideas on integrative interventions that may be helpful in addressing some of the more common side effects of conventional therapy such as cachexia (weight loss) and […]

Naturally Mitigate Neuropathy and Other Vincristine Side Effects

[sc name=”SquareOne”] Many parents whose child is undergoing chemotherapy will want to understand what they can do to help their child cope with the side effects. In this article we’ll discuss mitigating side effects from one of the more common chemotherapy drugs used in pediatric cancers: Vincristine. What is Vincristine? Vincristine is an anti-cancer (“antineoplastic” […]