Biological Cancer Diagnostics, NLP Therapy, Lymphatic Health: Dr. Sharon Stills & Ryan Sternagel

In an enlightening interview with Dr. Sharon Stills, insights into advanced cancer diagnostics and holistic treatment approaches are revealed, emphasizing the critical balance between the body’s physical and emotional health.  Dr. Stills shares her journey from pediatrics to becoming a recognized cancer specialist, highlighting the use of innovative European biological medicine and the Kelly protocol […]

Lymphflo & Somnium, Lymphatic & Glymphatic Support, Sleep Optimization: Dr. Christine Schaffner & Ryan Sternagel

Dr. Christine Schaffner delves into chronic illness management, emphasizing terrain theory and the body’s self-healing abilities.  She explores mitochondrial dysfunction in long-haul viral cases and champions quantum physics in recovery.  Lymphatic health, vital for detox and immune function, is dissected with innovative approaches like Somnium and Lymph Flow creams for pain management and brain health.  […]