Ketotarian – Plant Based Ketogenic Diet, Addressing Criticisms of Ketogenic & Plant Based Diets, Ketosis and Cancer: Dr. Will Cole

Dr. Will Cole Discusses: Vegan, vegetarian and pescetarian ketogenic diet options. Metabolic flexibility vs. constant ketosis. Is keto natural? Available natural cancer survivor data with ketosis. Common pitfalls of both ketogenic & plant based diets. Resources Mentioned: Ketotarian by Dr. Will Cole Is a Plant Based Ketogenic Diet Possible? After last week’s recorded consultation with […]

Dr. Will Cole: Functional Medicine for Cancer

Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher The Stern Method Podcast Episode 40: Dr. Will Cole [sc name=”Simple Healing Home Opt in”] Dr. Will Cole: Functional Medicine for Cancer, Core Health Problems, Labs for Gut Function, Toxicity, Methylation, Tests for Intestinal Permeability, Dysbiosis, Sibo, Clinical Ketogenic Diet, Infrared Saunas for Detox and Mitochondrial Function Dr. Will Cole Discusses In This Episode: […]