Organic SuperGreens – Paleovalley {Why We Like It}

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What We Like about Organic Supergreens

  • 19 superfoods (not too few not too many!)
  • No cereal grasses such as wheat or barley
  • Avoids wheat germ agglutinin
  • Different than gluten but those with sensitivities take note!
  • Variety: Primary ingredients different than other super blends
  • Mild mint taste
  • Gently dried
  • Digestive enzymes
  • 100% money back guarantee

Why Green Blends Are a Staple In Our House

We always try to have a nutritional blend of some kind on hand because it’s all the different phytonutrients, especially in their whole food form mind you, that are responsible for pretty much all the good stuff happening in the body we’re going for:

Detoxification to immune modulation to positive epigenetic changes like tumor suppressor genes turning on and oncogenes turning off for instance, the kind of thing we really pay attention to, and on and on.

Mind you this doesn’t replace green smoothies and lots of big salads and all that for us that’s just called how you’re supposed to eat, BUT, this does provide a practical way to get a wide variety of these different nutrients into us on a regular basis that we wouldn’t necessarily otherwise be getting.

And also keep in mind this isn’t just modern-day excess or something like that wanting to get all of this goodness into us.

It’s pretty well accepted that hunter gatherer societies actually consumed HUNDREDS more times the variety of plants than we do today just walking around eating from the landscape wherever they went.

So really this is just a convenient way to get all the magic that The Good Lord intended for us to be taking in to thrive on a daily basis.

Why We Love Organic Supergreens from Paleo Valley

Speaking of hunter gatherers, that brings us to the product at hand from Paleo Valley, Organic Supergreens.

This one’s really interesting in that their big claim to fame on the product is that it does not contain any cereal grasses. Cereal grasses are grasses that produce a grain like wheat grass or barley grass that are prevalent in a lot of these types of powders. Even though the grasses don’t have gluten itself they do have a lectin with some properties called wheat germ agglutinin so if you are dealing with celiac or a gluten sensitivity of some kind that is certainly something to take into consideration.

I’m not quite convinced at this point that everyone needs to be avoiding these grasses myself, but, in the name of variety it’s nice to know that what might have been the primary ingredient in the last drink you had is nowhere to be found in this one and you’re getting meaningful amounts of other types of foods.

What’s in Organic Supergreens?

Sea Vegetables
Sea Kelp
Land Vegetables
Aloe Vera
Broccoli Sprouts (look into sulforaphane!!)
monk fruit and even a
Digestive Enzymes

Nineteen superfoods in all. I like the ones with forty or fifty in there for the variety but then I wonder just how meaningful any one of those ingredients are. On the flipside you know you’re getting good quantities of the blends with six or seven ingredients, but then you’re losing some of the variety too. So nineteen does seem like a good number.

How Does Organic Supergreens Taste?

Pretty good! You wouldn’t know it’s a bunch of greens and other ingredients that don’t necessarily taste incredible. It’s got a slight minty taste to it.

Ryder likes just about everything because his taste buds basically crave healthy stuff as its all he’s been eating but I’m pretty sure most kids would happily put this down.

And if you mix the Organic Supergreens into a smoothie, juice, etc. you really don’t notice it one way or the other… but you have just supercharged that beverage!

Most importantly the only flavoring ingredients here are completely natural organic fruit extracts, that’s it. That’s a big deal!


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