Sulfur for Oxygenation and Detox

Here are just a few of the reasons Ryder takes a shot of organic sulfur (a.k.a. MSM) water every day (EXCEPT Sundays – his “day off”) right when he wakes up from his nap!

  • Sulfur is a molecule that should be abundant in many food sources, but due to modern farming practices such as pesticides and mono-cropping the natural sulfur cycle has been broken and now we don’t get any!
    Sulfur facilitates oxygen transport across cell membranes. Cancer prevention 101 is that you need well oxygenated cells!!
  • Speaking of cells, sulfur also facilitates detoxification at the cellular level!
  • Sulfur is protective against radiation. And between the ongoing Fukushima power plant disaster, leaky power plants across the country, and all the other sources from modern society we need as much protection as we can get.
  • Ryan saw an interesting presentation at the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians entitled “cancer as a sulfate factory.” The gist was that sulfate is crucial to many bodily processes and a byproduct of sulfur in our bodies, so we’re very deficient in that as well, and it just so happens that a byproduct of many cancerous tumors is sulfate. The theory was that cancer could actually be formed as a misguided protection mechanism to keep this vital compound present in our bodies.
  • They have yet to find a toxic amount of sulfur to the human body!

Since sulfur is highly capable of bonding to other metals and other harmful compounds (a good thing once it’s inside our bodies but not before!!), we put a lot of research into the company that does the most stringent testing (like we do with everything we use) and does not use any fillers. This is why we have used H2O Air Water Americas for years!

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