Our Baby’s Severe Eczema | What We Think Caused It (Story 1)

Resources Mentioned:


  • 2:07 What we believe caused the eczema
  • 5:25 When we started noticing the eczema / how it started
  • 5:53 Conventional diagnosis of eczema and conventional treatment plan / conventional cause of eczema / only treatments currently available for eczema / side effects of conventional treatments including steroids
  • 7:16 How are we healing Rocky from eczema including candida protocol
  • 7:58 Food / Diet elimination for eczema
  • 8:14 How we’re managing the eczema symptoms (baths, light therapy, ozone oils)
  • 8:42 What does a typical day look like for us managing the eczema (wet suit, safe sleeves, light therapy, play, oatmeal bath)
  • 11:03 Why we documented our journey with Ryder and why we are choosing to document Rocky’s healing journey
  • 11:43 Confronting our own feelings of shame to heal Rocky