Oil pulling is too easy and too beneficial not to do!

Instead of just brushing plaque off your teeth, why not literally pull toxins and bacteria out of your mouth? Oil pulling has been one of the best ways that people of many countries have kept their mouths clean for the thousands of years before the advent of the toothbrush (which hasn’t even been around for 100 years)!! Modern science is even now confirming what ancient cultures have known all along, and in today’s world adding in regular practices like this to help relieve the toxic burden is a must. A “gentle daily cleansing” practice as Dr. Wolfe might say.

This is one of the best natural dental health measures you could practice. First and foremost are all the benefits of a truly clean mouth – prevention and reversal of tooth decay and even cavities, no bad breath (unless you have gut issues – if you have a clean mouth and bad breath, that’s an indication you’ve got some work to do on your gut), and strong gums. As an added benefit it works wonders for whiter teeth if you keep it up on a regular basis and you get the satisfaction of that “just got back from the dentist” smooth mouth feeling all the time!!

Getting in the habit of implanting and sticking to positive routines will change your life, and again this is an easy one to incorporate most optimally into your morning before eating or drinking but any time that’s going to work is better than not at all. All you do is swish a good oil around in your mouth for 15 minutes or so, that’s it!! Ryder currently goes for a few minutes and we’re gradually increasing the time to set him up with a great lifelong habit! Most optimal to use is coconut oil for its strong antimicrobial properties, and it’s the most pleasant to be swishing around in your mouth for that amount of time.


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