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Why We Switched to the Molekule Air Purifier in 2018 {Review + Video}

Toxic Home Transformation

Check out the video we made on our experience with the Molekule Air Purifier and why this is such a big deal to us!!

The Importance of Air Purification

A lot of emphasis gets placed on the best type of water purification system to use, and rightfully so. Between the antibiotic chlorine and toxic fluoride that are added and all of the other chemicals typically found in tap water from pesticides and herbicides to prescription drugs, having a great filtration system in place is a must for our family.

But what about the air? How many times per day you and your kids breathe versus how many times you drink water?

Study after study shows that indoor air is on average substantially more toxic than outdoor air.

From general irritants from dust, to viruses and bacteria and mold, to VOCs put off by continually off-gassing building products, furniture, appliances, etc, it’s a really big deal to make sure your family is protected.

Think of it this way, the air inside your home is going to be filtered by something. The only question is whether it will be by a good air purifier or your family’s lungs.

If our immune systems are continually bogged down fighting off infections from mold and viruses and our bodies are continually dealing with processing and eliminating toxins and debris that isn’t supposed to be inside of us, how are we supposed to heal from or protect against even more serious issues like cancer?

If you already have a quality air purifier, use it! And change the filters when you’re supposed to…

If you don’t already have one, or just want the absolute best, or yours just stopped working like ours did, here’s why we went with the Molekule Air Purifier.

How Molekule Works

In judging the Molekule Air Purifier versus HEPA air purifiers (such as the Alen that just broke down on us), it’s important to note that most of the others simply capture airborne pollutants that are large enough to be caught.

The Molekule Air Purifier does have a pre-filter and main filter that catch airborne threats the way other filters do, but…

Molekule also uses a filter coated with nanoparticles that when activated by light, destroy the pollutants. Breaking them down to their molecular level. Hence the name.

It’s very important to note that the pollutants the Molekule is destroying is not simply general dust debris but actual mold spores, bacteria, viruses and so on. This is what we’re most concerned with when it comes to what we’re trying to protect our family against.

Some filters use ozone to try to address the pathogen issue. While we’re big fans of ozone for therapeutic infusions in complementary cancer treatments, the data and opinions are too mixed on breathing it for us to feel good about using. We’ve always avoided purifiers that use ozone for that reason.

Molekule Destroys Mold and Viruses

What has always made us hesitant to get too excited about any one particular air purifier is we never see any hard data on exactly what the filter is removing.

Many have very good explanations of exactly what particle size the unit captures, what additional technology outside of the HEPA filter itself is used to address pathogens such as mold and viruses, but none that I’ve seen provide any actual air quality testing results.

Molekule is the first air purifier I’ve seen to actually provide independent, third party testing data on exactly what is happening to the air when it’s in use.

As you can see on right on the Molekule website, they show test result data for airbone chemicals (VOC’s), bacteria, mold, viruses and allergens.

In each case, levels while the Molekule was in use dropped to at or near zero, while the numbers remained high for HEPA filters.

After looking for so long for a company that would actually share this kind of testing, these results were all we needed to see to get us really excited about this machine.

Molekule Price and Discount Code

The Molekule is priced within the expected range of high-end air purifiers (you can definitely spend a lot more for one on that note) at $799.

We chose the financing option at $66 per month.

While $799 may seem intimidating, $66 per month for us was a no brainer when it comes to the health of our children.

We’re big proponents of using payments to be able to afford bigger ticket purchases like this that will improve the health of our family.

While most people have no problem making payments on a new car or home appliances (or cable TV service for that matter) many for some reason have reservations when it comes to something that is actually going to keep their family safe. Not us!!

The The Stern Method Molekule Quickstart Guide

Of course, the Molekule quickstart guide and instruction manual come with the unit and can be found on the Molekule website.

A couple notes from us if you do decide to get it.

Note that the light that shines at the top is not simply to enhance the cool futuristic look of the machine, it’s what activates the nanoparticles to destroy the contaminants. We didn’t put that together at first…

Unfortunately that means for us that it is only as effective as a regular air purifier when we put it in the kids’ room at nighttime as we also are very big on avoiding all artificial light after the sun goes down and especially when they’re sleeping.

Now that we realize the light serves they purpose we chose the Molekule for in the first place, we’ll put it in their room a couple hours before bedtime.

Also a first order or business for us was disabling the Wifi. While The Molekule Air Purifier does come with the ability to talk to your phone and provide neat data, it’s not with the EMF exposure to ourselves and our children for us.

Instructions for disabling the Wifi can be found on their website, and it must not be that hard as Ryder actually did it himself while we were in the other room as you can see in our video. ?

Take a look at our interviews and review articles with Nicolas Pineault and Ben Greenfield for more on why avoiding electromagnetic field exposure for our children is SUCH a big deal to us. Just as important if not more than air purification.

You may also be interested in checking out more on the healthy home we are building in the middle of the woods 🙂

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  1. Ed

    Hi my name is Ed I’m from across the pond (Atlantic ocean) uk, I have just watch your health video and would like to thank you for sharing this moment, good health to you all. Sincerely Ed

  2. Ryan

    I own 3. I think the own problem is that it doesn’t appear to remove particle pollution just VOC. I have a particle counter and the purifiers didn’t affect the particle count.

    • Robert

      It’s not designed to remove particulate matter. For that a Hepa filter or even a Filtrete Furnace filter with a Merv of 13 or higher works well.

      A Coway AirMega 400 in auto mode paried with a Molekule running 24/7 with the light on is a potent duo that would likely seriously clean your air.

      Or you could do all three.


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