Marine Phytoplankton Nutrient Dense Superfood

Nutrient dense superfood products such as marine phytoplankton are a key antidote to the diseases of the west, diseases of (misguided) abundance. We’re overfed and undernourished. From the very richest to the very poorest, just about all of us have access to an adequate amount food.

The problem is that most of the food we’re getting has little to no nutritional value. Sadly due to modern farming techniques such as mono-cropping this applies to a large degree even to organic whole foods. You can fill up on a meal and still gain very little in the way of nutrients that are going to be the building blocks of new cells that make up your body, and keep the ones you have functioning the way they should.

On the other hand, you have extremely nutrient dense superfoods such as marine phytoplankton. Food with very few calories but abundant in nutritional value.

Phytoplankton Turn Sunlight and the Elements into Oxygen and Human Nutrition!

Marine phytoplankton are the single celled plant life floating suspended in the ocean which use the sun’s energy through photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide and matter from the ocean into nutrients and also collectively supply and estimated ¼ – ½ of the earth’s oxygen! Phytoplankton are eaten by small sea life, which get eaten by bigger sea life, and so on.

Micronutrients are a big reason we need a diet rich in vegetation from both land and sea. It’s these diverse micronutrients that support our cells’ metabolic processes and keep the body functioning as it should to fight off disease. Superfoods such as phytoplankton have a vast array of these micronutrients! They have most all vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed by humans along with an abundance of fatty acids and phytochemicals.

Marine Phytoplankton and Other Superfoods are the Best Multivitamin Product You Could Ask For

For a long time in our health journey we’ve been searching for the “best” multivitamin supplement. That search has started to shift recently with the realization that no matter how pure and bioavailable a multivitamin product is made to be, it is still “fragmented nutrition” versus whole food nutrition that your body knows exactly what to do with. While we still keep a supply of Intramax (our favorite multi product to date), we use it infrequently as more of an insurance policy and are seeking to get our primary nutrition from these nutrient dense superfoods.

Since marine phytoplankton are single celled organisms, when we consume them they virtually bypass the digestive process altogether and go straight to the bloodstream making the absorption rate of the nutrients near 100%. It’s also very interesting to note that a French biologist in the early 1900’s showed many striking similarities in the properties of seawater and human blood plasma, and was in fact even very successful in treating many conditions using seawater itself!

Which Type of Marine Phytoplankton to Use

Now there is a bit of a debate within the world of phytoplankton producers as to the best form of phytoplankton to consume. Some claim that the cell wall needs to be open, or cracked, for humans to properly absorb the nutrition. Others say that we indeed are able to break through the protective shell just with our digestive system and that opening the cell wall will kill the phytoplankton before it makes it into your body, turning it from a live product to a dead product. There are also debates on the particular strain of phytoplankton most optimal for human consumption.

Since I don’t think there’s a way for me to know for sure, and our policy is to rotate through these types of products anyway for the greatest diversity, we use two different products. Ocean’s Alive has the nannochloropsis gaditana and uses an open cell wall, whereas PhytOriginal uses the Nannochloropsis oculata strain and is a closed cell wall. People seem to be getting incredible results from both forms so we figure why not both?


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