Anti-Cancer Therapies: Gut Healing, Hyperthermia, Ozone & Oxygen Therapy | Marcus Freudenmann & Ryan Sternagel

Producer of the documentary “Cancer is Curable Now” and director of the Truly Heal Academy, Marcus Freudenmann has dedicated his life to educating practitioners and the public on ‘cause finding’ and alternative cancer therapies. Through his academy and training programs Marcus teaches how to treat cancer patients without treating cancer.

Marcus’ dream is to build a bridge between holistic and conventional medicine, based on trust, compassion, accountability, comprehensive knowledge and understanding.

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In This Episode:

Ryan was stoked to get Marcus Freudenmann on the show as unbeknownst to Marcus, his work holds a special place in Teddy and Ryan’s journey. Just days after receiving Ryder’s diagnosis they watched the documentary “Cancer is Curable Now” as they scrambled to learn all they could about cancer and every alternative treatment available.

In this episode Marcus tells of his journey travelling the world with his family to uncover the ‘cure’ for cancer. He thought he had reached a dead end until one particular doctor completely changed his thinking. Marcus realised it wasn’t the ‘cure’ he needed to find, but rather the cause. This became Marcus’ life’s mission and he’s since developed a framework for identifying and treating the patient, not the cancer. Marcus explains that it’s about what you remove, not what you add that kick starts the healing process. Ryan and Marcus also take a deeper dive into some of the treatments that Marcus recommends including hyperthermia and ozone therapies.

Thank you for making your documentary and attempting to put all the pieces together to show people a better way…

  • Marcus was an architect until a friend was diagnosed with cancer
  • The conventional process shocked and frightened Marcus. It became the catalyst that changed the direction of his life
  • He embarked on a global tour to film a documentary about alternative treatments to cancer, interviewing hundreds of experts
  • When another friend was diagnosed with cancer, Marcus recommended the best alternative treatments available. Nothing worked
  • He consulted leading alternative doctors asking why there was so much hype around treatments that didn’t work
  • Came down to hope and patients wanting to believe in a cure
  • Marcus felt like giving up
  • He conducted his final interview for the documentary with Dr Rau from Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland
  • Dr Rau told him he was asking the wrong questions
    • First ask “Why does the patient have the disease?” and second “Why does his body not deal with the disease?”
  • This changed the focus of Marcus’ work from the cure to the cause
  • It’s not about what we give the patient, but what we remove – not what we start, but what we stop doing

I’d love to hear more about your process of working with folks

  • Visited 114 clinics, spoke to 200 doctors, scientists, researchers
  • Some focus on mental/emotional factors, some on hormones, others on gut repair and diet
  • Problem most face is there is such a broad spectrum of causes of cancer
  • Children with cancer inherit their parents toxicity, DNA and lifestyle
    • In India children developed tumors from inherited toxicity from chemicals their parents working in the fabric industry were exposed to

How do you pick through what’s going on with people?

  • Take people on a journey to tick off potential causes / factors
  • Treat the patient not the disease
  • Once on the right track the whole body begins to heal
  • Marcus’ friend began to heal through a treatment protocol that focused on removing things, not adding more:
    • First removed metal teeth fillings. Tumor progression halted
    • Next repaired detox pathways through anti-inflammatory diet
    • Then ozone and hyperthermia
    • Daily saunas and mud baths pull out toxins through skin
  • Marcus’ focus is on finding underlying problems. A list of over 200 questions

What was the trigger for your own gut issues?

  • Heavy metals in gut lining
  • Mercury fillings removed incorrectly
  • Experienced severe brain fog
  • Body was so toxic needed four years of detoxification and chelation
  • With ozone therapy he started to fully recover
  • It’s about supporting our immune systems, emotions and how we live our lives
  • Research by Dr Mutter – bacteria can become toxic in a toxic environment
    • E.g. mercury combined with bacteria from root canal creates a new chemical that can destroy brain cells
  • Infection in combination with heavy metals increases toxicity and effects on the body

What areas do you cover in your questioning?

  • Start with gut health to improve the immune system
  • Look at infections
  • 65 different viruses, bacteria and fungus directly linked to cancers
  • Overgrowth can trigger disease and depression
  • Address deficiencies in vitamins and minerals
  • Remove toxins
  • Balance hormones
  • Systemic health. Test to determine what is out of balance
  • Marcus offers two training programs – one for professionals and a free course for individuals (patients or caregivers)
  • Changes to Google Search mean alternative health research is harder to find

We got hit by the Google thing too. It’s an invitation to rediscover your trusted sources instead of Google being your ‘trusted source’

What do you do once you’ve identified potential causes?

  • Marcus’ framework provides direction and next steps
  • Free training (7 videos)
  • Multiple solutions and methodologies. Often more than one is needed to get results


  • Can be a driver of big transformation
  • Heat shock proteins produced when fever is induced
  • Normal cells thrive in heat, cancer cells do not
  • Induce fever for 1-2 hours and bone marrow produces white blood cells
    • These are flushed into blood system to hunt out cancer cells

What is the difference between a standard infrared sauna and what you might find in a clinic?

  • Sauna is external heat to make you sweat – good for pulling out toxins through the skin
  • Hypothermia is the process of inducing artificial fever. Your core temperature is raised
  • Expensive treatment to do via a clinic. Marcus developed an at-home product called the Hyperthermia Dome

What’s the difference between the dome and a sauna?

  • The Dome produces long wave far infrared heat that penetrates deeper and heats up blood vessels quicker
  • Raises core temperature to 101.3-101.8F within 30-40 minutes
  • Once you reach this temperature you need to stay there for 1-2 hours for it to be effective
  • Traditional saunas don’t get core temperature high enough or quick enough
  • More information at

What treatments have you found that give the most bang for buck?

  • Treatments must satisfy the following criteria:
    • Stand the test of time
    • Supported by lots of research
    • Used in every reputable alternative clinic across the world
    • Main treatments Marcus recommends: Hyperthermia, ozone, PEMF for detox, excessive sport for detox
  • Treatments alone have limited results unless complemented with other treatments, supplements, systemic health etc

Money is a big factor for cancer patients! Treatments are very expensive. Ryan and Teddy are developing a course for people going through cancer, and one of the areas the course focuses on is how to raise money to fund treatments.

The final word from Marcus

  • Disease is a sign we are heading in the wrong direction. Use these signals as a motivator to live a better life
  • Building community is important. Share healing tools and devices with your friends, family and neighbours to spread the financial burden

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