Chemo-free Ovarian Cancer Survivor | Lorika Archibald & Ryan Sternagel

Lorika Archibald is a mom, wife, chemo-free cancer survivor, certified holistic health coach, business owner, and lover of life and nature. 

She suffered from chronic disease and mystery symptoms for twenty years before being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

From what she learned through her own personal cancer journey, Lorika helps others navigate their own healing paths. Today Lorika coaches people through cancer and chronic illness, using multilevel healing tools as well as addressing energetic levels, mindset and beliefs.

***Resources Mentioned***

Lorika’s Site – The Healing Call

Nagourney Cancer Institute

RGCC Testing


In This Episode:

Join Ryan for a very special episode as he chats to Lorika Archibald, a chemo-free cancer survivor about her path to healing. 

Lorika shares her inspiring story – suffering from chronic disease growing up to her battle with aggressive ovarian cancer that left her terrified for her life. Despite her fear. and significant pressure from family, friends and the medical system to take the conventional treatment path, Lorika stayed true to her beliefs in natural healing and took control of her life and health. 

It’s your story Lorika so I’m going to let you go for it…
Suffered from chronic conditions from her teenage years but couldn’t get a diagnosis

  • Ignored her symptoms and tried to live her life the best she could
  • Health conscious, she tried to address her health issues through diet
  • When she got pregnant in her 30’s her diet went out the window
  • Over the next few years her symptoms worsened
  • Got her diet back on track but was still experiencing symptoms

Diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 37

  • A cyst was found on her ovary and a blood test reveals some concerning results
  • When the cyst was removed, Lorika received a bombshell – she had ovarian cancer
  • After the cyst was analysed at lab, the diagnosis was amended to borderline cancer
  • Lorika had her left ovary removed
  • After analyzing the ovary, the diagnosis was amended a third time. This time it was high grade, very aggressive, early stage ovarian cancer
  • Lorika sought a second opinion which confirmed clear cell ovarian cancer – an aggressive cancer that doesn’t respond well to treatment

The emotional rollercoaster was taking its toll on Lorika

  • It was the most difficult experience of her life
  • She wanted to live for her babies but she knew she didn’t want to do chemo like everyone was saying she should
  • She went to an integrative clinic looking for alternatives 

Her conventional Oncologist was recommending chemotherapy before a full staging operation to stage of the cancer (an incredibly invasive surgery)

  • Because previous surgeries to remove the cyst and ovary had been done laparoscopically, it couldn’t be confirmed for certain whether the cancer had been completely removed
  • Lorika was hopeful the cancer was gone and wanted to continue with a natural, nutrition based treatment protocol
  • The Integrative Clinic advised Lorika go with her conventional oncologist’s recommendations
  • Lorika insisted on a Cell Type test through the Nagourney Cancer Institute to determine if the specific chemotherapy being recommended was effective against the tumor cell type
    • The test revealed a cell type match with the chemo

Were they giving you percentages or odds?

The Oncologist said 5 years with chemo and lucky to live 2 years without

  • Lorika felt strongly that chemotherapy was not the route she wanted to go
  • Her family didn’t support her view
  • Lorika was inspired by other 10-15 year ovarian cancer survivors who used natural healing and diet. This was far more aligned with her belief system 

Under so much pressure from oncologists she did compromise by agreeing to do the staging surgery, but not the chemo 

  • The surgery left her with problems she can’t address with diet and other therapies
  • In retrospect she wouldn’t have done the surgery
  • Many organs were removed in the staging surgery – female reproductive organs, lymph nodes
    • Also removed the appendix and omentum 
      • Just discovering the important functions these organs play in our bodies and immune system 
      • Appendix stores good bacteria and helps balance gut flora, the omentum supports infections
  • The operation revealed no further cancer 


Making decisions in fear have come at an extremely high cost for Lorika

  • She is still dealing with remorse from losing her organs 
  • It’s a humbling and reminder to her to make choices in alignment with her higher truth


After the surgery, Lorika needed to take complete control over her healing 

  • She researched holistic clinics in the US and Mexico
  • Chose a local clinic to avoid having to travel and be away from family
  • The clinic offered an ala carte treatment menu so Lorika could manage her own care and pick and mix treatment options
  • Her treatments included:
    • IV treatments – Curcumin, Vitamin C
    • Blood irradiation
    • GcMAF
    • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)
    • Emotional healing
    • Infrared saunas
    • Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique (SOT) injections 
      • RGCC test – identified circulating tumor cells and recommended SOT injections 
    • Coffee enemas 
    • Food and herbs
      • Herbs for kidney and liver detox
    • Fasting
  • Cancer is a metabolic, systemic disease, Lorika didn’t want it to come back


There’s risk in any direction you take, it’s part of the cancer experience

  • Step back and get centered, think about your beliefs, your body, connect with desire to live and beliefs and you can transcend this
  • Lorika believes in nature and the body and what it’s supposed to do
  • She didn’t tell anyone in the beginning that she had cancer
    • Scared of the way people would react and look at her


Self control and self discipline

  • If you want to heal through diet you have to be extremely dedicated
  • If you have an extreme situation you might have to do something a little extreme
  • Shift how we look at and think about food


With the way the world currently understands cancer, there’s not a lot of positive vibes to be gained from sharing your diagnosis

  • Ryan lost 98% of his friends 
  • Other people’s negative perceptions and emotions like pity and fear are not helpful  
    • Compassion, empathy, love and kindness are what’s needed


Your final thoughts for anyone going through cancer themselves? 

  • No matter what your approach is – conventional, natural or a combination, take some power back from the situation and try not to identify with the diagnosis
  • Pray about it, mediate
  • Tune into yourself and find your right path
  • Eat a good diet
    • Lots of raw food and a high fruit intake – don’t listen to the anti-fruit hype. Occasional fasting, fruit fast, juicing, smoothies, good herbs, detoxing, alkalise the body, sweat, saunas
  • Lorika doesn’t differentiate between cancer cell and a cyst both are symptomatic of a lymphatic system that’s congested
    • Detox and clean your body
  • Don’t make decisions out of fear
  • Seek help, find somebody who’s been there

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