Cancer in Germany vs. America

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Integrative Answers to Cancer Podcast Episode 49: Kirstin Nussgruber

Kirstin Nussgruber Discusses:

  • Her experience going through cancer once in Germany and once in America
  • Change from within, where the cancer came from
  • Keeping feelings and emotions together during treatment

Video Interviews and Anticancer How-To’s

Anticancer Inspiration 

After being diagnosed with breast cancer twice within 3 years, Kirstin learnt firsthand the importance of an integrative and functional medicine approach to one’s health, acknowledging the dynamic interdependency of body, mind and soul to facilitate true healing.  Kirstin offers individualized 1 on 1 mentoring, can be hired for inspirational speaking engagements and produces interactive virtual programs such as the Beyond Cancer Program.

if you’ve ever thought that Sternagel is a very German sounding last name, well it’s because it is it means star and nail which I’ve always thought is pretty cool and will make for a really cool family crest or something some day but the other reason is that it actually has to do with one of the primary topics of the interview.  

Kirstin is incredibly well versed in a balanced approach to cancer because she’s gone through it twice, one time in Germany and once in America so it was really interesting talking about the differences in what it’s like to go through cancer in each country and in particular there were a few great insights for those of us going through it in the good ol’ USA.  

We also talked about changing from within as the cancer came from within and please devote an inordinate amount of time to this topic if you are going through cancer and on a related note how to keep it together while going through active treatment.

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