Gerson Therapy, Treating Breast Cancer Naturally | Kate Shemirani

Kate Shemirani’s inspiring story about how, after her breast cancer diagnosis, she turned her health around while juggling life and four kids will blow you away!!

Kate is a nurse, researcher and personal nutritionist.

Her focus is on raising awareness of the toxic world we live in. She believes in helping people through a problem, reaction, solution approach to health. 

***Resources Mentioned***

Kate’s Facebook page

Dr Patrick Vickers

A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy by Max Gerson

The China Study by T. Colin Campbell

Mistletoe therapy

B17 (Amygdalin) tablet protocol

Liposomal Vitamin C

The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd

You Are the Placebo by Dr Joe Dispenza

Freeing the Sun Chinese herbs

Cancer Response Team


In This Episode:

I uncover Kate Shemirani’s amazing healing story. 

In 2012 Kate was diagnosed with Acute Lobular Invasive Grade 3 Breast Cancer with a high pleomorphic presentation. After undergoing a mastectomy, Kate refused chemotherapy and instead turned to the Gerson Therapy and other integrative treatments to heal herself.  

Prepare to be inspired and entertained by Kate’s candid interview!

Kate was not always health conscious

  • 53 years old, mom of four, type A personality 
  • Busy raising her kids and building a business
  • In an abusive relationship
  • Drank gallons of tea and coffee a day
  • Lived off her kids leftovers and chocolate

The diagnosis

  • Started experiencing problems with her breast augmentation. Symptoms included ectopic heartbeat, arthritis, decline in vision, menstrual cycle changes, migraines, breast pain
  • Couldn’t loose weight even with extreme exercise
  • Tired and fatigued
  • Changes in personality
  • Her cat continually patted her right breast at night. Found a gritty lump around where the cat kept patting
  • Mammogram came back negative. Sought a second opinion. Ultrasound revealed many tumors
  • Biopsy confirmed breast cancer. Was advised to have a mastectomy and possible chemo

A conventional start

  • Private medical insurance 
  • MRI and full bone scan
  • Surgery removed right breast 
  • Her husband believed in cause and effect. He started researching and found Dr Patrick Vickers
  • Kate took two books into hospital – The China Study and Max Gerson’s Results of 50 Cases. She started reading and felt like she’d made a huge mistake
  • Wounds weren’t healing. Complications with surgery

Kate’s alternative approach to healing

  • Overnight Kate went from doing nothing to drinking 30 juices a day plus coffee enemas
  • Wounds healed beautifully
  • Added mistletoe injections to the Gerson Therapy
  • Referred to practitioner Katherine Alexander. Kate found she was deficient in ferotine and T4 was low
  • Added the B17 tablet protocol and lypo spheric Vitamin C
  • Takes Freeing the Sun (Chinese herb) to clear methylation pathway in liver and metabolize estrogen

A journey of discovery

  • Breasts need iodine, and that fluoride, chlorine and bromine promote iodine deficiency
  • Alcohol switches on the breast cancer gene
  • Make up and perfume, air fresheners elevate estrogen 
  • IVF increases your breast cancer risk
  • Refined, white sugar impacts eyesight
  • Diets high in animal protein, reduce T-lympocytes that kill tumors, viruses and fungus  

The results of Kate’s protocol

  • Eye sight improved
  • No more joint pain, pimples, sinusitis or atopic heartbeat 
  • During detox, Kate’s abdomen became swollen with gas. She experienced toxic headaches, chills and fevers as her body dealt with toxic overload
  • Came off mistletoe injections to enable body to naturally produce an immune response 
  • High temperatures and flea bites were signs Kate’s immune response was improving
  • No pain killers when her breast implants were changed. Juices and coffee enemas helped pain subside
  • Nipple reconstruction surgery done under local not general. Procedure relies on scar tissue to make the new nipple but Kate’s body broke it down
  • Oncologist recommended Kate remove her ovaries. She decided to keep them and bring her estrogen down naturally
    Asked her Healing Code to put her ovaries to sleep. Instant menopause without a single hot flush

The ‘Gold Standard’ of care in the UK

  • The UK public health system does the mastectomy differently to reduce theatre time and costs. Higher risk for the patient and all nodes in arm are removed even if they are not cancerous
  • Can’t customize treatment in public system
  • Recommended treatment protocols often based on opinion not evidence
  • Cancer charities work with drug companies creating a conflict of interest
  • Public are desensitized to cancer treatment. Advertisements make people believe they need to be bald and sick before they can heal
  • Trained in the Beckers Health Belief Model – a patient must deem the risk so great that they accept the treatment
  • The UK’s cancer act of 1939 – anyone who advises a patient on alternative ‘cures’ for cancer will go to prison for 3 months
  • Ignorance is no excuse – medical practitioners and dietitians have a duty of care to educate themselves

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