Simple & Effective Detoxification: Judy Seeger

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The Stern Method Podcast Episode 36: Judy Seeger

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Judy Seeger, natural cancer cure researcher and traditional naturopath, lays out strategies for detoxification that are not hard to follow yet produce tremendous results.

In This Episode:

  • Judy’s three R’s system for healing cancer: Rebuild the immune system. Release toxins. Rebalance emotions and spirituality.
  • What Judy had to do to rebalance her own emotions and spirituality when many very serious health symptoms started stacking up in her own life.
  • How that’s translated into what she does with the folks she works with going through cancer and families going through an illness with children.
  • Detoxification: Why it is so vitally important to be taking incredibly seriously if you are going through cancer.
  • Practical tips and approaches to it that take the concept of detoxification out of the realm of something you hear about a lot but aren’t really sure where to get started to something that is very manageable and easy to work into the rest of your life.

Resources Mentioned:

Interview Highlights and Application to Cancer

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Detoxification for Cancer

A point I made during the interview with Judy Seeger that I want to hammer in for cancer parents reading this is that as high as 90% of cancer survivors will face a secondary chronic illness by the time they are 40 years old. The vast majority of those illnesses will be life threatening, be it from a secondary cancer or something else really nasty.

No matter where one falls on the alternative – conventional spectrum, I don’t think there’s any debate that you don’t want chemotherapy or radiation hanging around in your kid any longer than it needs to be.

But why do we assume it’s just going to go away on its own without any assistance?

These numbers tell us that clearly, getting through conventional treatment is just the beginning of getting our kids through cancer to living a long and healthy life.

Between wiping out the microbiome in our kids’ guts and ravaging the gut lining itself to leaving a massive toxic burden throughout the body, doing everything we can to minimize toxicity throughout treatment and making thorough repairs after it’s done is vital.

Ryder rotates through measures addressing both massively important issues which you can get a feel for it the What We Use section of this site.

Judy Seeger’s Thoughts on Getting through a Childhood Illness

When Judy and I were talking about the third R in her Three R’s system, Rebalancing Emotions and spirituality, I asked what her take on applying this concept to children is.

We all hear often that this is so important in cancer, but it’s not quite as obvious how one would go about working towards this concept with their children.

Judy made the point that we always try to make with those we work with, that at a young age so much of what a child thinks, feels, and eats for that matter is almost entirely dependent on the parents.

Children tend to be extremely energetically sensitive, much more so than adults. If the parents have a defeatist attitude or they can’t get along with each other, even if they never have these conversations in the same room as their child, it will be felt and absorbed.

Food is a much more tangible example of this concept. You, and only you, are responsible for what goes into your child. This means not only providing them with 100% clean, nutrient dense food to start with but also eating this way yourself.

If you’re telling them they need to eat a certain way but not eating that way yourself, again even if they never actually see you, they will pick up on it and it won’t stick. Not to mention they learn more than anything by observing and copying what their parents do. So if you never give them the chance to copy your good eating habits, then how do you expect the habit you’re trying to teach them to stick?

Judy Seeger’s Three R’s Health System

Judy talked about her Three R’s system. Judy says one needs to be addressing each of these components every day which we certainly agree with! Here are the main points she made describing each:

  • Rebuild the Immune System
    • This is about so much more than just taking vitamin C.
    • Foods, therapies, herbs and lifestyle changes can all have a huge impact on the immune system.
  • Release Toxins
    • We can’t get away from environmental toxins no matter where we live in the world.
    • Judy spent time away from home and by coincidence got tested and showed radiation poisoning. Turned out she had been staying near a leaking nuclear power plant. You just don’t know what’s going on around you but do know you need to assume you’re getting exposure to some bad stuff and doing something about it.
  • Rebalance Emotions and Spirituality
    • Everyone has gone through trauma that needs to be dealt with.
    • Not dealing with issues at the mental level opens us up to issues at the physical level.
    • Harboring negative emotions has been shown to actually produce a more acidic environment in the body.

Judy Seeger on Why Detoxification Is So Important

Judy states that according to the EPA, there are now a total of 100,000 chemicals in our water, 300,000 chemicals in our food, and 200,000 chemicals in our air. This doesn’t mean that amount is in every bite or breath you take, but it does mean that we can’t avoid them and we certainly were not meant to be exposed to so many on a continual basis.

The body does have its own detoxification system for dealing with toxins, but cannot handle the onslaught we’re now exposed to day in and day out.

The liver and the lymphatic system are overworked and maxed out and need assistance to keep toxins moving back out of the body and get rid of what has been stored over time.

Judy Seeger’s Detox Schedule

Judy’s views on how often to detoxify are right in line with ours.

We all need to be doing something every day to detoxify. Whether that is drinking a cup of detox tea or doing a detox bath described below, not a day should go by we have not assisted our body’s in the removal of toxins in some way.

We also need to be doing a more formal detoxification program multiple times per year. Judy has a seven-day detox that she does four times per year, or once per quarter.

These programs are a bit more of a process and involve multiple days, or weeks, of detoxifying the body in a specific order. Usually these will start with some means of building the body up to prepare, then starting with cleaning out the colon to give toxins a clear exit path, then the liver, and so on. The program will basically walk backwards through the body clearing the way for the next system.

Detox Baths

A favorite of ours around here!

There are two types of baths Judy recommends alternating between (which we do as well), the detox salt bath and detox clay bath.

The detox salt bath consists of two cups Epsom salt, two cups Sea Salt, and two cups Baking Soda in the warmest / hottest bath tolerable to open the pores. Soaking for 20 to 30 minutes.

The detox clay bath consists of one cup of Bentonite Clay, again in warm / hot water soaking for an extended period. Judy notes that if you buy clay powder, you’ll need to either mix it with water in a blender first or work out the clumps in the bath with your hands if you dump it straight in as it doesn’t mix in with the water all the way without a bit of help.

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Judy Seeger is a Natural Cancer Cure Researcher and traditional naturopath. She’s the creator and author of “Natural Cancer Cures With Foods That Heal” plus the organizer for Cancer Cleanse Camp. Judy Seeger’s passion is to energize people with health! Having seen 1000’s of people in her clinic suffer from colds and headaches to cancer and colitis she has developed a powerful health system that effectively regains health.
Judy has been teaching groups of health-seeking people throughout the United States since 1990. With her 30 years of experience in the natural health field, she has been highly successful in bringing people to a level of wellness they have never experienced before. As director of a Holistic Health Clinic called River of Life Health Center, Judy achieved a high level of success with her patients. Many people with thyroid, lung, skin, and brain cancer greatly improved by using her health plan system.

She’s provided every form of safe, and clinically proven natural healing therapy including writing an easy to use handbook for her patients to reach their health goals. From herbal medicine classes to cancer to menopause, Judy’s vast experience in the natural health field has changed countless lives.

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