Healthy Home Project – 3 Years in the Making {Plus a Video Tour!}

We’re building a healthy home!!

We don’t have control over everything pertaining to our health when we are exposed to the outside world.

Chemicals fall from the sky and are emitted from automobiles and industry. We’re sprayed with them most every time we walk into a public building, along with mold spores for that matter. And we’re under the constant assault of electromagnetic fields in pretty much any area of civilization these days.

This is why we practice a lifestyle of detoxification along with only eating organic foods and applying natural products to our bodies.

But when you think about it, we spend just as much if not substantially more time in our homes than we do in the outside world.

And in our homes, we have near absolute control of what we’re exposed to… if we’re intentional about it.

Our homes can either be one of the healthiest environments we live in or the most toxic. Ask yourself:

  • Is the air in our house pure and clean or are lungs and bodies being used as filters?
  • Are we using all natural cleaning and personal care products or are we exposing ourselves to chemicals every time we wash our hands or do the dishes?
  • Is our home a safe haven from EMFs or are we blasting ourselves with a wifi router and tons of wireless devices?

There is so much we can do to make almost any existing home a healthy home. It’s why we created our Healthy Home Checklist to help families identify and remove all potential sources of harm to their health.

But now we’re taking it a step further.

We’re building our healthy home from the ground up to be in absolute control of our family’s environment.

It’s been three and a half years since Ryder was diagnosed with cancer.

What has driven us ever since that day has been:

  • Removing and reversing all contributing factors to the cancer in the first place.
  • Reversing damage done from conventional treatment.
  • Protecting him and his baby sister from any new insults to their health.

This house will be the capstone to this mission.

So we’ll be surrounded by the healing power of nature whenever we’re at home, not just when we make it out on a hike.

It’s also away from any cell phone towers or neighbors wifi routers. Our EMF meter picks up readings in most neighborhoods no matter inside or out of a home. Not ours. Zero reading.

We’ll be posting about everything specifically we’re doing to build this home as we go but for now, note the term “building biologist.”

Building biologists are experts in healthy buildings! Most consult on new construction and existing homes.

There is a lot to take into account and between everything we’re doing for Ryder and Channing, The Stern Method, Ryan’s day job, and working with parents of children going through cancer, researching every detail of every material was getting very overwhelming very quickly.

This is why we were so glad to have found Andy Pace of The Green Design Center. Andy is one of the most notable building biologists in the country… and he’s awesome… and he’s been a TON of help with making all these decisions in a way that doesn’t break our very limited budget.

More to come soon!! What are you doing to make your home a healthy home??